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Total Semen Analysis 1 Year on Test Cyp - 100% Sterile

I’ve had pretty shit medical care and I’m taking things into my own hands because doctors do not care. Endo has been understanding to a degree, said he wish he could have treated me during puberty. 32 I started TRT, looking like a eunech. Never had sperm count taken or asked if I wanted a family prior to TRT, just here, take this for life.

Now that TRT has given me an actual identity and sense of self-worth, and stabilized me, I realize I can now function as an adult male and not whatever fucked up mental identity I had before in a hypogonadal state. So…I might like a family someday and asked a Urologist for a semen analysis. The old lady taking me in wrote down the wrong time for abstinence, this was 24 hours without ejaculation.

I know TRT can make you infertile…but this is straight up 0…is this common? My LH/FSH were never high before and testes are “normal” sized, at least one of them, so I doubt I have true Kleinfelters…I hope.

No real advice to give. Just wondering now that you know your starting sperm level can’t get any lower, have you considered layering HCG onto your protocol to see what affect it might have?

I could see doing an experiment of 300 IU every 2 days (E2D) and then retest the sperm analysis in 6 to 9 months. After that, if you are truly interested in understanding your potential for fertility, then layering in clomid on top of the HCG for another 6-9 months and then repeating the sperm analysis.

If you get a positive response with either the HCG and/or the HCG + Clomid, you will know that you are capable of conceiving a child if that time in your life ever arrives. At that point you could back off of the HCG and especially the clomid until you are ready. A word of caution, clomid can really mess with your libido and other mental functions for some guys (like me). So, you do not want to be on it long term.

I’m interested in following what course you take and your results. Please continue to post them.

I started on Clomid back in the day and my testicles swelled in size, but I felt super moody and prone to crying/emotional feeling. I couldn’t stand what felt being loaded with estrogen so asked to go to injections without testing my LH/FSH/Total T response.

I’m 99% sure clomid “worked” for my secondary hypogonadism, so I’m relatively confident I don’t have Kleinfelter syndrome. Unfortunatley doubt I’ll be able to get hCG. I’m on insurance covered Test Cyp from endocrinologist but he’s old and dated. Wanted me on 200mg every 2 weeks and I’m up to 140mg/week now. Won’t prescribe hCG or AI.

He’s nice but doesn’t believe in testing estradiol etc, I had to beg for 3 tests of it.

Local urologist I found out runs a T clinic near me so I’m trying to get switched to him as he believes in AI, hCG, HGH, and even though I don’t really want all that jazz, I’d at least like a doctor that believes in the effects of hormones on mood and libido. Will see, he’s $195 a month out of pocket, but unsure if I could see him as a true urologist.

This test the urologist wants repeated, and I’m eager to know if I’m actually sterile right now, and hopefully it’s just due to testosterone, not an underlying condition. Thanks.

Stay away from that place, they will jack you up. Not testing for E2 is not “Old fashioned” thinking, several progressive places that used to have stopped. Other than initially, it’s really not that important to test because serum levels don’t give you much information. It’s not a centrally produced hormone that works by circulating through your system, it is made local to the need via aromatisation of circulating T. AI’s should be a last ditch control after nothing else works to solve an actual problem. Using HCG while on TRT and then geting a test will tell you what you need to know. We know from common sense and several posted lab results on here that Clomid does nothing while on TRT. Well, maybe cause problems if you have a reaction to the med, but it doesn’t raise LH or FSH at all. Taking HCG and Clomid together wouldn’t make much sense either, for similar reasons.

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I honestly wouldn’t take an AI anyway, this shits already up and down with my low SHBG. I’m on 140mg/week now and still feel high E2.

I started trt after having acute symptoms of insomnia, heart paps, cold sweats, high blood pressure.
I don’t have any testosterone numbers before these acute symptoms.
Sometimes I wonder if I was having heart failure episode. Since I was a year later dx with mild heart failure. Which is now no longer cause the meds reversed it.

I gather I was always lowish t since I finally have a full mustache st 43.

Does it look like I was secondary. I thinks it primary too since my testicle is heterogeneous.
@hardartery @highpull
Check this out guys lmk. I do have one heterogeneous echotexture Testicle.

No, it does not…

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Primary ? Clomid only got my t to 500? Perhaps indicating testes could not make?

Clomid raised
Fsh from 5.6 to 7.8
Lh from 3.3 to 6.7

I have no reason to disagree with @highpull .

So are you saying I was primary or did I have something else going on that lowered my t?

Looks like primary with it dropping like that and the LH and FSH going no where but up

Google Boston Lloyd fertility protocol. If that won’t get you going then I don’t know what will. It’s basically just a decent amount of HCG and FSH/HMG, but it works for body builders that have been on much stronger stuff for long periods of time so that’s where I’d start, assuming you can get FSH/HMG. It’s fairly expensive if insurance won’t cover it.

Urologist said he doesn’t think waiting 48 hours to try again will matter, he said there’s 0 sperm. Getting referred to a fertility specialist. Dank memes.

I can put you in touch with my doc/T clinic that does it over the phone for $150/month included in that is mailing you 220mg/week Testosterone, anastrozole (you don’t have to use the AI), syringes and alcohol wipes. Plus you don’t have to worry about levels pre-TRT disqualifying you from getting or while on TRT being made to lower your dose. Email in bio if you need it.

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