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Total Recall

I am curious to hear some comments regarding the new incoming Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Personally I am always happy when a life time buraucrat gets replaced.

I also like having a man in the Governors mansion who knows what its like to squat heavy! I understand Gray Davis thought squatting was peeing under the the big Maple tree behind the Governors mansion. Ha.

I wonder who is going to be the next actor from Predator elected governor. I’m a Republican, but I would have found it difficult to vote for Arnold. If you stop to think about your mom or girlfriend or sister being groped in an elevator at work by her boss, it’s hard to imagine voting for the guy. I know the timing of the stories was political, but he admitted to a lot of it.

I really hope he does a good job and some of the hippies in California realize the Democrats aren’t interested in trying to help them.


Are you singling out the hippies in California, or are you calling everyone in California hippies…?

I agree to a certain extent, the groping stories bothered me as well. I would rather not hear about someone who is about to obtain a great amount of power groping women. I have a mother, wife and daughter.

However, remember show business is famous for the “casting couch” and other sexual overtones. I am not saying anyone asked to be groped, but why are we hearing about it so long after the fact?

I hardly think groping a few actresses, who may not have minded as much as they say (why not file charges on the spot if you are upset)years ago, should prohibit Arnold from being elected Governor.

The timing of the accusations are just to suspicious!

Like, I said in the last post don’t under estimate Arnold like the dumb Democratics did. I think he will do fine. Heck did you know his net worth is around $800,000,000? If he has the right people surrounding him he should do fine.

Thanks, Doogie. I totally agree with you.

It’s sad that California had no other choice than Davis, Schwarzenegger and Bustamante.

I’m sure glad I didn’t have to vote.

Only in America!

Next will be Pee Wee Herman as secretary of sex education.


I was singling out California hippies. There are just so damn many of them. I lived in San Diego for a year and could barely stand it.

I wasn’t a Davis fan but he didn’t do anything to get bounced. This was an abuse of the process.

I always felt that Bustamante needed a reality check about his self-importance.

I can only pray that Arnold won’t be as bad as I fear. The Senate and Assembly are both Democratic, so if he doesn’t learn to reach across the aisle (and not grope anyone along the way) he’s not going to get much of anything done. At least he’s fairly moderate socially.

Patricia’s right. Pickin’s was slim.

Its intersting to see the people on this here bodybuilding site so doubting of Arnold and his capabilities. Maybe this is related to the latent yet palpable low level disdain for competitive bodybuilding that is seen on this forum. Maybe I am wrong…but its interesting nonetheless…

Arnold won 5 Olympias… That is all the qualifications you need to run California… How many Olympias has Bustamamnte won? Exactly!


You are stating that instead of feeling happy that someone who trains with weights (and has done so much more than this), is the new Governor, some are jealous because he is/was a "bodybuilder?

You really think some people on this board are that small minded, bigoted and ignorant?

The Eviscerator is right!

Groping women? That should be the least of everyones worries. Like I give a rats ass if he groped some woman years ago that was too much of a pansy to say anything to anybody at the time. Seriously, is someone paying these women money? Hey, I do believe they were groped. I just think that at the time they really didn’t mind all that much. Now they do just because of political reasons. Pretty sad.

To be honest with you, I haven’t seen a person fit for office in years… including Arnold. Personally, I think the main reason he got voted in was because people got sick of the media shoving that groping shit down our throats day in and day out.

Do we ever have good canidates for any office? Look at the presidential canidates… please. Jackasses, all of them. President Bush included.

I hate politicians, so when I do vote, I try to vote for the canidate that pisses me off the least… and I usually can’t even stand that person.

I voted for Bush… why? Because I saw Al Gore playing ball with his family and I thought he ran like a freakin girl.

Seriously… it’s horrible when the canidates suck so bad, I have to look for things like that to help make my decision.

Is that true about his worth? Where did you see this ?

I would rather have Arnold’s hand up someones blouse that Gray Davis’ hand in my back pocket. I voted “yes” on the recall and for “Mclintock”. I wish Arnold well, however.

What does strength of Bodybuilding have anything to do with ability in office? He has determination? Big deal, so does practically every politician. He has intelligence? He hasn’t really proved that yet through anything. He seems to be a good business man, but we don’t know of anything he actually did himself. He can fix the problems by Davis? Nobody can, its the system’s responsibility now. If the economy bounces back, the deficit will go away, if not, it won’t. Not one candidate stated a plan for removing the deficit for just this reason. The budget has already been signed by Davis.

biltritewave Yes I believe it is true of his net worth being 800,000,000 I saw it on a VH1 biography on Arnold. I was shocked also. He is very smart about his own money. He has tons of real eastate and companies that he invested in not just his Planet Hollywood franchies.

Chuck Norris for President!

“If you stop to think about your mom or girlfriend or sister being groped in an elevator at work”

How was I supposed to know it was your sister, Doogie?