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total- protein cereal

what do you guys think about total protein cereal? Its made with whey protein instead of soy like some other cereals. this ones got 30g serving
cals- 120
fat- 3.5g
pro- 13g
carb- 11g
heres a url to the nutrition info

im eating some right now. its no lucky charms, but its not bad. Right now its on sale at SuperFresh which I think is just an east coast chain of supermarket for $3 i think. Its usually around $4.50 or so. Its a small box too so its expensive maybe 11oz. Anyone else use this?

Should i keep getting it or its not worth the price? Its not quality stuff? I used to use kashi but its got soy. =(

i wouldn’t bother trying to get my protein from a cereal…if you must eat cereal…go with one that’s oat based like cheerios or complete oat flakes. grains, even whole wheat is an inflammatory food, but oats are the only grain that comes to mind that is actually anti-inflammatory. this fact is important to us as we constantly injure our body on a daily basis. by the way, most people on here rave about fiber one.

I would only be concerned with the baking process (or whatever they are doing to make them crispy). That might f-up the whey isolate.

Ive tried it. Its not bad. Its actually pretty good once you get over the texture. If it wasnt so expensive I would eat it more often.

I tried it with Carb Countdown milk. Pretty good, but it still has sugar. Not sure why they didn’t just use splenda.

eat cheerios or whatever cereal and mix your milk with Grow, alot better if you really want to go that way.