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Total Noob, Diet for Weight Loss

So basically, I wanna loss weight (love handles and bulding stomach), gain muscle and look lean. I have decided on doing the starting strength program. I am 21 years old,175cm tall, 68kgs and little to no activtiy (i work in an office). What should my diet plan be? How do i go about making one ???

Some good pointers here…

I am curious why you picked this program when the author of it has been pretty adamant that it does NOT achieve those goals.

Look for “the simple diet” on this site.

This is what has given me the best results for least hassle

scrambled eggs w/ sugar free chutney, spinach and avo
Steel cut oats w/ full cream milk topped with maple syrup and berries (steelcut tastes about 1000x better than rolled)
If I sleep in, I have an almond protein shake

grass fed beef and turkey
Sugar/flour free spice mix
Spicy V8 juice, beer, Worchester and soy sauce, beef stock
Onion, celery, garlic, ginger, different coloured peppers, shredded carrot and zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, corn, peas
Pinto, black and kidney beans

I do 10 serves in a stock pot to last me 2 weeks. I have some pizza once per week. I have a pasta on Saturday (hard training)

I just try grill or roast some meat and have some potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower, topped with cheese. I’ll have a pasta, curry or similar a couple times a week and a cheat meal.

I then have fruit, nuts yoghurt or chocolate through the day. To get leaner, you need to start being strict on those cheats, curries/pastas and snacks.

Also, I put a 1.5 litre bottle on my desk. Fill it with water and get through one in the morning, one in the afternoon.


So you want it all and you want it now!

But doing all this at once is hard and but not as hard on someone starting from the bottom. Newbie gains will happen but don’t get discouraged with those slow down its hard to put on muscle when you’re in a caloric deficit

Drink water
Eat lean protein and vegetables/fruit for most of your meals.

Are you doing these basics?

If not, go away and do them first before we talk about anything more complicated

wellllll g fkin g. I made anothrr post before about a solid program for weight loss and shit, and everyone was like pick anyone of the begineers programs and it will be fine.

soooo just eat alrite? cut the carba out as best as possible and eat protien and vegs??? easy as. I just thought i would have to calcuate shit based on my weight and stuff for weight loss. like i said i read some of other diet posts and they seemed techincally as. I might as well be doing year 12 titration again for chemistry hahahahahah. So u guys reckon for a newbie, it doesnt matter to get all techincally. just eat good and stick to a basic program for a year and its all g??? only start getting all super serious once u have gone past the year???

It’s true that diet is the determiner of fat loss rather than routine. It’s just also true that Rippetoe is pretty adamant that the goal of his routine is not to lose weight and look lean. It’s why I’m curious why you picked it.

Can U suggest me something that is for fat loss and muscle gain then please? Like i said I am new to this

I am genuinely not being rhetorical in my question. I wanted to know your reasoning for picking that routine. I feel like it would help me understand what would be a good choice.

You are making a lot of weird statements. I would like you know your thought process as well.

Not quite what I’m getting at but not far off. As in anything, get the basics down first, which in this case is eating mostly lean protein and fruit/veg and drinking water. If you do that consistently, that’s probably 80% of your results.

There are many ways to accomplish your goal, but they are all based on the same principles.

Weight loss: Calories out > calories in

  1. Get moving. Find opportunities to walk around. Park in the back of lots, exit at an earlier stop, walk to the grocery store, get a step-tracker and berate yourself until you get 10k steps, etc… Build a basic level of cardiovascular activity.

  2. Find a slightly more intense cardiovascular activity that you enjoy. Hell, find a few. Then do it/them a few times a week. Jogs, longer walks, weighted vest walks, swim, sports, etc… Set a goal (example: 15 minutes a day x three days a week) then in a month, reassess and set a new target. As you progress, you can refine your plan to meet your evolving goals.

  3. Follow the nutrition advice given above. I know it is laughed at by a lot of people, but counting calories works for many. It basically reinforces the simple “eat healthy stuff” advice because you see how much better a steak with a side of vegetables is for you compared to a pile of crap. You certainly don’t need to count calories, but it is a good option for many.

Whether it is from cutting your calories, adding activity, or both, as long as you burn more than you take in, you’ll lose weight. Do it slowly. Change your habits so they become a way of life.

Strength Gain:

  1. Push weight away from body, pull weight toward body, squat something, pull something off of the floor. You obviously know about these programs. Just pick a beginner one (or a more advanced one with a beginner template) and go for it.

  2. Eat protein.


  1. Don’t allow yourself to hesitate because you’re looking for a perfect program. Do something. Let yourself be a beginner that makes dumb (but safe) mistakes that you learn from. Don’t make it too complex. Choose something simple. Enjoy the journey.

This will lean you out fast and as a newb also put on some mass…