Total Length of Time Stenabolic Stays in the Body for?

I don’t mean the half life which I understand is approx. 4-5 hours but what is the total lifespan and how long does it remain testable in your system for?

Depends on the method of testing… impossible to tell

I don’t believe methylstenbolone is even recognised on the WADA list yet (though stenbolone is, and two may have some metabolites very similar in structure)

I’m not going to say “stop using you disgrace” unlike many who will as I believe the majority of high level professional athletes are doped, be it AAS/amphetamines/beta blockers or whatever helps improve performance parameters within that specific sport… it’s easy enough to beat testing, and it appears the random tests are somewhat rigged, there are certain ways to get around them… the whole concept of drug testing in sports is a joke, and if society didn’t vilify substances that are in part no worse than alcohol when abused (though that isn’t saying much as ethanol is profoundly damaging when abused) there would be far less undue stigmatisation

It may not be allowed, it may be cheating… but you didn’t come here for a lecture

Depending on th study and what they’re testing for (the drug or metabolite) you’re probably looking at between 2-8 days, however you never know when newer… more advanced techniques are developed, and many of these organisations keep urine and/or blood samples to test later on when better technology is created, thus allowing for a positive result to come forth perhaps a decade down the line

To those who reprimand me for helping this individual. Ethical and moral concepts are individualistic. Whilst I admit this is shaky ground/a grey area, I’ve never claimed to be the most morally ept person, I have my own individualistic moral compass developed in part due to environmental factors present whilst growing up, as long as OP isnt directly harming anyone else, I don’t have any serious opposition to answering his initial question. I don’t condone cheating in sports (if it isn’t allowed), but we all know it’s a reality… just like how I don’t condone the use of heroin, but people use it anyway, and if they’re going to use anyway it’s a smart idea to let out fentanyl warnings to the public, provide safe injecting areas/needles. Whilst the two scenarios are vastly different (given one can’t exactly stop using smack and one CAN stop doping, the consequences for the individual if caught in terms of familial shame may be substantial, esp if he is young), op has asked a question and I’ve decided to answer it without any bias or stigmatisation.

However I don’t know why he had to make a thread asking, it doesn’t take much more than a simple search through medical journals to find an answer for this

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Thank you for your response. It was very helpful.