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Total Hip Replacement w/AAS Recovery Log

Hey guys,
Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to start this log to help anyone in the future that may have to go through a similar experience. It was very difficult to locate any info on recovery from this surgery with the help of AAS/peptides, so even if it helps just one person recover quicker, it will be worth it.

My story:
I’m a 37 year old male. 6’6”, 230lbs, fairly lean. Basically born with shitty hips that I didn’t realize were a problem until 2012 when I tore the labrum of them during training. Had to leave training to have the repairs done, which I learned I had a rare condition called protrusio acetabuli. Fancy name for extremely deep hip sockets. Basically every time I tried to squat, or even just sit down, my hip would try to dislocate. Had two surgeries to reshape each joint with excellent recovery in the left; the right was still pretty shitty. Basically bought me 6 years with my original hip.

Onto Tuesday July 2nd… had a total hip replacement on the right side. Not a fun surgery and have been in a lot of pain the last two days. Lots of pain meds and starting to move around better. Doc says 6 weeks of taking it easy on crutches then can hit the gym hard again with no restrictions.

Just to give some background on my lifting experience. Been going to the gym religiously for the past 14 years. In there 6 days a week training hard. Haven’t been able to do cardio for years because of this, but I guess I’ll have no excuse now.

Did my first cycle, anavar only (yeah I know…), a year ago. After that moved on to injectables and have done two Test E cycles since then both at 500mg a week with amazing results. Went from 214lbs to 234lbs over the past year. Also went on HRT of 150mg a week of cypionate for cruising between cycles. The cyp is prescribed and legit with doctor bloodwork and all that. Test levels were 302ng/dl before HRT and levelled out at 828ng/dl with the 150mg. Love the results I get with gear and figure I’m at an age where I can blast and cruise for however long.

My Recovery Plan:
So, besides diet and rest at the beginning here this is what I plan to run for recovery. I’m not looking for advice or to change anything up because I know I should probably spend the money on HGH, but I don’t have a reliable source for that, nor do I want to spend 700 on a months supply of Chinese garbage that I could end up with. Anyways, here’s the plan.

Week 1-4:
HRT dose: 150mg Test Cyp
Peptides: BPC-157 250mcg/day
TB-500 4mg/week
Orals: Anavar 40mg/day - 20mg twice a day
(because I have one bottle left and why not throw it in. Was designed for this)

Week 4-16:
Test-E: 500mg/week split 250mg e3d
Deca: 300mg/ week split 150mg e3d
(Might start the deca at week 2 or 3 depending on how I’m feeling)
Arimidex: 0.5mg/week
Vitamin B6 (for prolactin): 300mg/day

PCT: None. Just back to my HRT dose of 150mg after week 16

So, that’s the next 4 months of my life. It’s gonna be a long road to recovery and I’m getting back in the gym as quick as I can to keep training upper body on machines. Not ideal, but winter vacation season is coming up and gotta maintain some gains for the beaches!

This surgery was a huge step in my life and hopefully the outcome is successful. I feel like I have a solid training and recovery plan. Used the BPC-157 before for tennis elbow and it cleared it up in 5 days, so hoping it speeds up the healing with this. If any of you are experiencing similar upcoming surgeries, PM me and I can give you the low down on it.

I’ll be updating this weekly with my results.

Week one down. Was sent home from the hospital on day 3 post op. Lots of pain up until day 5 when it all started to settle down. Found weed (yes, I live in Canada) was more helpful than the opiates for pain killing effect! Day 7 now and I don’t even need any pain meds.

As far as my protocol is going, everything seems to be doing it’s job! Although I have no real frame of reference in how I should be doing, I think the BPC and TB are having an effect. Have noticed massive improvements day over day that just seem to be more than would be naturally! Continue to see how it goes!