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Total Gym

Anyone here have any experience with the Total Gym??? I know the commercials are bad but I have heard that some guys love them…and can build mass or cut using them…

I am looking at saving some time and working out at home vs. the gym…any help is appreciated.

I got one a few years back for my wife. I put it in the Garage/Gym and use it sometimes when I workout at home. I really like it for assistance exercises like chest flies and press downs. You can actually use it at all kinds of angles and really hit the body part your working on pretty well. My main lifts would all be done with free-weight but for assistance work or just some good old burn out sets it works great.

Greetings Homebody!! In issue 97, Charles Poliquin describes the total gym as “a fairly decent piece of home equipment.” I built an attachment that fits on the cross rung of a power rack. It’s essentially the same thing as a Total gym or gymnastic type trainer. I use it mainly for active recovery type workouts…in the same vein as Westsiders use sleds.

Pull overs are the only thing worth a damn on them as far as strenth building is concerned. Otherwise, it could be good cardio, but don’t rely on it. Have a gym membership to fall back. Chuck Norris is full of shit.