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Total Gym 3000

I got a total gym 3000 awhile back and i’ve been using it for the past 7 weeks. Heres my question im on a workout routine that totalgymworkout made me up and im getting pretty ripped. Since I bought the total gym I told myself I was going to get ripped on it and then go to the gym and hit the free weights hard to get big. If you have a total gym could you tell me how its working for you, and I would like any negative or positive feedback you could give. thanks alot

Dear SBull,
Glad to hear you got got results with the total gym… My wife uses one. No matter how much I explain that lifing weight will not build huge muscles she does not believe me. Maybe, it is becuase I lift weights and have large muscles. Anyway she uses it combining the canned program and some pliate<sp?> moves she got from a book.
For you however, it is time to get to a gym and lift weights. Because the Total Gym does not allow you to exceed a certain % of you bodyweight.
PS - Prepared to be flamed by other posters. “Incoming”

get a set of 3# dumbbells to supplement your shoulder workout with it. A “Sweating to the Oldies” tape might help keep you motivated also.

I got totally ripped by wrestling the one-eyed monster every hour on the hour… ha ahaaa. Seriously though. It may work at first because anything will at first but other than that use it as a warm up if it was to expensive to throw away and get a keg, sandbag, oil barrel, read rock steel Iron, Dino training, implement ,…oh wait I am guessin you are a newby if so go the the FAQ and find what works for you. If you are not read my suggestions and give them a shot. I do not have the heart to flame ya. Well ok maybe a bit…

Paul Chek reportly uses a Total Gym for certain exercises, so it is not a useless piece of Body by Jake or Tony Little garbage. Search here or at Paul’s site for more info.