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Total & Free Testosterone Targets on a Blast

What’s the TT & FT targets we’re looking for when running a test blast? When guys use 250-500mg a week, dosed as frequently as possible (EOD probably)?

I’m asking cos I’m getting TT > 1500mg on 175mg weekly of test. I was going to use 480mg for upcoming 10-week blast in November but could I get away with just doubling what I take now instead? Get TT & FT double what they are now, would that be into the range you want when running AAS?

IDK about numbers, but IMO, running test as high as you can without undesirable side effects (gyno, hair loss, high BP, hct to high, etc) makes a lot of sense to me. Lots of bang for the buck, fairly simple, easy to acquire.

That’s just me though.

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This was my original thought, but I guess after seeing how high TT gets on just a TRT dose started to wonder if I could get away with taking less.

I handled 400mg weekly well last time, 480 shouldn’t be much worse, more concerned about hematocrit and BP than anything else. Maybe I can donate 6 weeks in to help with that.

Get a bp monitor (Amazon has them for about $30). I would be worried if bp and hct were high. If bp and heart rate are good, it indicates that the heart isn’t in overdrive. Too each their own though. Personally if bp is good, I am not to worried about hct.

Fwiw, I’m currently running 600 mg/wk with no ai or any noticable side effects aside from a couple pimples.

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I’d personally go 3x your dose if it were me.


On Oxandrolone with TRT BP and hematocrit were both elevated. On just test BP is normal. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it. I donated but didn’t feel any different.

This is my first blast where I’m actually getting bloodwork and keeping track of health markers. Probably just obsessing over numbers a bit

I picked 480mg cos the test vials I get have 240mg in each. So two per week, easy math, makes my OCD happy

I think that works out just right. You gotta break homeostasis and make gains in a short period. If you ran 2x TRT for a longe period it would be “alright” but over a short 8-12 week blast I think 3x is ideal. I would also taper down after that period to your TRT dose. So when your done do 480 last week, 360, 240, TRT

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Good advice. Would you do 10 weeks then 360, 240, TRT or include the taper in the planned 10 week cycle? Guess that would be 8 weeks of 480, then 1x360 1x240.

I’ll get labs at 8 weeks anyway just to see what 480mg gets my TT, FT & e2 up to

I’d do ten followed by the taper. Sounds about the sweet spot to me.

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