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Total Fight Challenge


Hey people,

I will be fighting June 28th at Total Fight Challenge in Hammond, IN. It's going to be a great show. The show is high quality with fighters like Stephan Bonnar, Miguel Torres, Eddie Wineland, Dan Hornbuckle, Tristan Yunker, and others having fought there. Fighers from Carlson Gracie, Militech, Torres Martial Arts, and other great teams will be fighting. Tickets are $39 and I'd love to see you there. I'll be fighting Steve Styx (both our professional debuts) in 170 lb class.


NICE congratulations! and kick some ass!


Damn that sounds like a solid show. Good luck!


Good luck and congrats on having the balls to get in there and compete.


Yea definitely a huge stepping stone show I know exactly what TFC is... hopefully we'll see you in a big show soon enough :slight_smile:


Good luck man, kick some ass.


Congrats man. Looks like a great card. Good luck, and what styles, and how long have you been training MMA? Thanks


That's awesome dude. I was supposed to fight in the superheavyweight class in my amateur debut there but my opponent pulled out. In the end, I'm going to use it as an excuse to work on my ground game some more and do NAGA in August.

What's your fighting background?


danew is straight up kung fu and chewing tobaccoo baby... 100% cowboy


Xen! Don't tell my secrets. Currently no one knows how to defend the tobacco spin backfist.

Seriously though, I started martial arts at 5 years and old and studied karate. As I got older I got into boxing and boxed some in college. I am a blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Chet Schemahorn in Lagrange, IN. About two years ago, I began studying Muay Thai.

Striking is def my strength, especially kicking and knees. My weakest point is wrestling, although for the last year or so I've been training with a guy who was a state champion freestyle and greco wrestler. Needless to say, he's helped me a lot.

Thanks so much for your support!!


Have you ever trained with Carlson in Chicago? I trained with him and Jeff Neal for a year before Carlson passed away.


Good luck man, first pro fight. Must be exciting.


It is exciting. I have not had the honor of training with Carlson, but respect him and Mr. Neal very much. I've heard many good things about Mr. Neal, and Carlson's reputation, obviously, is well known. I would love to train with them (and you as well since you did)


Wow, that's less than 2 weeks away - you must be stoked!! Good luck Grasshopper

Btw - that's not a fight card peepz, but rather a highlight of prior top contenders.


What do you weigh now? If you are heavy do you have a plan to cut/rehydrate?


Zap, good question. I weigh 184.5 lbs as of 10 min ago. I get a two pound weight allowance, so I have to weight 172 lbs. I cut weight by cutting out food and water 10 hours before weigh in. The first step is to take hot saltwater baths. I take two 30 min baths (obviously changing water in between for max heat). That will cut 8-10 lbs off. If I feel I need to, I'll sit in the sauna for 20-35 min. The rest is mostly cut through not eating/drinking and peeing alot. I do drink a couple gallons of water wednesday and thursday so my body is in the "mood" to lose water.



My fight last night went pretty well. My opponent was pretty tough (I was told he was 0-0, he was actually 8-1) and 6 inches taller than me, but I beat him by armbar in round 1 for my 1st pro victory.

His height threw me off a bit (I generally love to strike, but wasn't comfortable standing with him), so I took him down and, after we stood back up, exchanged a bit, and I landed on my back, finished him with an armbar from guard. He hit very hard and def made my face look like I lost, ha, but that's ok. Thanks again everyone for your support.





Big congrats man! Way to win and especially finish.

Would love to see a video of it.


Way to go man! That's a good way to start your pro career off. Especially facing a taller opponent with lead hands. awesome man!