Total Estrogen vs Estradiol?

Estrogen isn’t poison, chill out, you’re fine.

I would bet just about anything that most guys on TRT that aren’t using an AI have total estrogen up there like yours. Most have just never tested it so they don’t know. And they, too, are perfectly fine.

I am having no high e symptoms no and thank you for your kind words

Thank you for your kind words

What, exactly, does gyno mean? In other words, what signs and/or symptoms did you have?

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Growth of glandular tissue that looked like small breasts despite not increasing in body fat (im fairly lean so was very obvious). You could feel all the lumps and I ended up having surgery to remove.

I’ve subsequently had a small amount of regrowth in the tail of the gland.

The lumps are very obviously different to body fat elsewhere (not pseudogyno from getting fat).

That’s gynecomastia alright. I’d also be interested to know what you levels were back then. Assuming all glands were removed, you should be fine going forward.

The E2 result will be interesting.

I’ll dig them out. I had low free T due to high SHBG so could have been an E2 to Free T ratio thing.

Just got my e2 back: 61 with the ref range topping off at 39.

I have a feeling that hcg is making my e2 go nuts, so I’m going to drop it.