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Total Calories This High?


I'm planning my diet and I used some formulas I found online (Berardi, I think) to figure out how many calories I need to eat to gain mass. The results were a little surprising for being only 150 lbs. so I wanted to make sure I'm reading this right:

1800c BMR (based on digital body comp test)
1080c Daily activity (desk work, 30 min walking)
600c Exercise (2d/w weight lifting, 4d/week martial arts)
180c Digestion
500c Excess for muscle gain

4160c per day?


I'm not familiar with the formula, but 1080 extra cals for sitting at a desk and walking a few minutes?


Berardi says to add .6 of BMR for daily expenditure at a desk.

(Here: http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/nutrition/masseating_1.htm)


That may be about right.

Just remember, stuff like that is just an estimation of a starting point. That may get you in the right neighborhood, but you'll need to adjust from there.


I've never used that formula.
Based on the values I have used for over twenty years.....

4,160 cal = Maintinance for a 277lb lifter @ about 10% BF
4,160 cal = Bulking for a 210lb lifter @ about 10% BF
4,160 cal = Minimum for a 410 lb lifter @ about 10% BF

As has been mentioned 'starting points' only, individual adjustments will be required.


Can we get pics of this guy.


See, that's my point. I'm only 150 and Berardi's math is recommending I eat like I'm 210 trying to bulk.


At 150, I say bulking is about 3000 daily + a cheat day here and there.


I know right. Based on the progression, my guess is about three to four decades from now.


On the Berardi Desk Jockey Diet, maybe.