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Total Bullshit

This is in response to TC’s latest Atomic Dog.

Just a little FYI, Tom Osborne is a skinny bastard, not a fat one! :slight_smile: Oh and something that I find hilarious is that he had a large percentage of his players using anabolic steroids while he was coaching and I know this for a fact. I am friends with the guy who supplied the Peter (christian and jason) brothers. I know exactly what they used, when and for how long.
I even know that their source was located in TJ and I’ve even been to the pharmacy there. It’s called Payless Pharmacia which is located just inside the portion of the city prior to getting to the main strip of the city. Ask for Armando. :slight_smile: What a joke. Oh and if people want a zip code, try 68117 or 68102, 68133, etc., although if they use those, they won’t get Tom Osborne, as he represents the 3rd district areas which is nothing but farm land. With those, they’ll probably get Lee Terry or whatever his name.
I also know a guy who’s cousin currently plays for UNL and is always bugging me for anabolic steroids.

Also, my brother’s best friend from high school started on the line the last year they’d won a National championship (unshared) and he’s always said that many were using anabolic steroids and the coaches were well aware of what was going on…think of a type of fish if you want his name. He even said that one guy (his roomie) who would sell other students (non-athletes) ephedrine tablets and tell them it was d-bol! This has been going on for years and Tom wasn’t a total idiot, he knew and knows what is going on, it only matters now that he isn’t coaching.
The one thing I hate is the fact that those who know the least about science are the same people who make the decisions which involve that very subject in this country.