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Total body workout & Surge

I do a total body workout Pavel style 5x5 of bench,dips,deadlifts,chins and calves two to three times a week. Would more Surge be required because more tissue to repair at once or is it more a matter of bodyweight?

John Berardi could give you a better answer probably, but here’s my two cents. I think Surge works better when you have a really killer workout. It’s like your body is primed for it and is ready to suck up all that mucle building goodness. For example, after leg day (because the workouts are so grueling compared to “arm day” and so many muscles are involved) is a great time for Surge. Although you’d benefit more from taking it after every workout, I’ve advised a few of my friends in college (read: broke ass students) to use their Surge only after super tough, draining workouts. This way they could still afford to use it and reap maximum benefits from limited use. That’s not ideal, but works when money is tight.

So, this kinda goes along with your idea. Yes, I think after a full body workout of compound exercises, a little extra Surge would be helpful. Maybe go half a scoop to a full scoop higher than the recommended dosages based on your weight. This is what I do at least (two scoops for an “easy” day, three for a tough day). Results are great and recovery time is drastically shortened.

Since you do a total body workout, you are probably maximally activating the muscle glucose transporters and amino acid transporters (because each muscle group you work will be maximually stimulated to take up nutrients). However, since Surge doses are recommended on body weight, they are based on how much is a reasonable amount of macronutrients delivered without “spillover” into fat cells. But dont read this the wrong way…if you dont do a total body workout, that doesnt mean that a full dose of surge isnt recommended. Basically the rate of surge uptake into the muscle may be determined by the type of exercise. So if you just train arms, it will just take longer to get taken up in the whole body. If you train the whole body, it will be quicker. Either way, a full dose is what is optimal for recovery after ANY workout. You dont need to make it any more complex than this.