Total Body Workout Question-Legs

I am starting CW’s TBT training and i have a question about the legs. Should each training day include two leg excercises, one for the quads and one for the hamstrings/glutes/hips? If so, should i squat and deadlift in the same workout? Or if i squat should i pick an excercise like stiff leg deadlifts for the hamstrings?


I have found that in the later weeks of the program is is wise not to put 2 major leg movements. In the first 2 weeks doing 2 or 3 sets is ok, but when you get to 4 sets of 15 or 18’s (cant recall right now) I, along with others, have found back tension and some have suggested early fatigue. But each person is different. For me if my goals require 2 leg movements in one day I try to spread them out instead of making them one oafter the other.

With TBT it’s OK to sometimes use two compound leg movements in a single workout, but I wouldn’t try it all the time unless you’re on AAS or have very good recuperative abilities–you’ll simply overtrain.

The nice thing about TBT is that it allows–no, requires–a lot of variation; so, sometimes throw in two big compound leg movements, sometimes do a quad dominant movement, sometimes a hip dominant movement.