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Total Body Workout Contridicts Itself



The above link is for a 3 day total body w/o routine. I am about to start week 2 which has 3 groupings of excersises using antagonistic muscle groups. The author gives an example of:


This example contradicts his rules for each workout (being pick 4 compound excersises, and two isolated excersises)

Is there a way to make this work that I'm not thinking of?

Bi-Tri = 2 iso excersises (according to the plan)

Back-Chest = 2 compound

Quads-Hams = 1 and 1

Check out the article and let me know what you think.

Thanks all,



Two ways to approach this:

  1. Use three isolation exercises (one each for biceps, triceps, and hams) and not stress too much over it. Rules are meant to be broken, or at least gently bent into a more pleasing shape. :wink:

  2. Use the close-grip bench or reverse-grip bench as your triceps movement, thus preserving the 4:2 ratio and saving the universe. :wink:

Alternate 3rd Option) If you think you’re recovery is up to snuff, you could try alternating quads with a low back/hip movement. That would have you alternating squats and a deadlitt-variation, which might be a bit much to handle, if you’re not used to it.