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Total Body Vs. Split Challlenge

Hmmm–will this debate ever be resolved in an internet chat room? Of course not. Why don’t we create some type of ‘challenge’. Of course it would be completely unscientific but here’s the idea: Set up two teams, one does each training type for 6 months.

There will be 5-10 people on each team–a mixture of fat/skinny, experienced/inexperienced, weak/strong, men/women. Try to make sure diet, rest, etc. are equal. I’ll offer myself up to either team as the average 33 year old male. 6’2" about 200.

Average strength and average build (I’m assuming) for a recreational lifter. 400 DL, 245 BP, 285 Sq. Will take before and after stats. If people are really interested I’ll seriously do this but can only make it to the gym 3X week due to full-time work and part-time school. Who’s up for this? Maybe we can even get CT and CW to ‘captain’ the teams

I could swear someone was trying to set something like this up in one of the other forums, it’s a good idea either way. It would be better if it could be under the guidance of professionals (Thib doing splits, Waterbury doing fullbody, Cressey forcing people to stretch in horribly painful positions and Berardi physically forcing people to digest Greens+), but it would be an interesting article series.

There’s one going in the “Building a Better Body” forum.

Contest ends in about 2 weeks.