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Total Body Training


Could anyone please email a copy of Total Body Training spreadsheet or pdf file. Please send me a PM


When you finish Week 8 do you start again with Week 1 or do i go onto another program


either or, it's all up to you.


if your still getting good results i dont think theres a reason to stop.. but if you aren't getting good results or are just getting bored of the program.. move on


I've just finished my 8th week of TBT and I love it so far. I've put on about 5-8 lbs give or take and all of my lifts have gone up. I was wondering the same thing and so, being the Waterbury nuthugger that I am, I'm giving ABB workout a try for probably 4 weeks, just for a change.

But I'm just mixing it up for a mental break and plan on going back to TBT after that. It has worked great for me.


I have been looking at other exercise programs and I am a bit confused with this rep max here is an example program what does the 6RM mean

Day 1 Sets/Reps Rest Weight

Dips 6 x 3 @ 6RM 50 sec.
Front Squats 6 x 3 @ 6RM 50 sec.
Chin-Ups 6 x 3 @ 6RM 50 sec.
Leg Curls 6 x 3 @ 6RM 50 sec.


You must perform 6 sets of 3 reps with a weight you can do 6 reps with before reaching concentric failure.


This will take some time working out wont it