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Total Body Training


just got a couple of questions about this routine..

on the spreadsheet it says you do 3 different chest exercises each week in the 3 training sessions but in the article it says that if you have been performing the same exercise for a astraight 2 week, change it to something else - that implies that you should use the same exercise for all 3 workouts, doesn't it?

and on the 2nd week, should you have any rest between sets (antagonoistic sets) or do you just do the full amount of sets ie) bench press, row, bench press, row, until each exercise is complete?



You do different chest exercises for each workout within the 3 day week. Week One is straight sets, week two is antagonist sets. For weeks 3 and 4 you need to have different chest exercises than weeks one and two. (Hope that made sense)

For TBT to work you need to utilize all chest angles and use dumbell/barbell options as well as wide grip dips.

And as far as the antagonist supersets, for example you'd do chest, rest predetermined time, back, rest, chest. . until you have completed the desired # of sets.

I hope all of this made sense because TBT is an awesome program.



If you make a point of not over-straining yourself and only work on increasing volume instead of weight then you can use the same exercises through the whole program. You can even use flat bench, narrow grip bench and military press as your exercises for the entire thing. As long as you're adding reps and sets and are getting enough food it'll work like a charm.