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Total Body Training Program: Antagonist Training?

( https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/total-body-training )

Hello i start the program since 2 week, and i would like to know.
When he says that " Weeks 2,4,6 and 8 are to be performed as antagonist training. "
It is like a supersets ? exemple " 1 dips/ 1 pullp and after rest " Or it its:
dips 1 sets rest time/ pull up 1 sets rest and so on ?

I have some other questions but i work a lot, so i will ask when i will get a little more time, for the moment i really like this program in T nation

Thank for your help, good evening/morning

Yep, this. A set of one exercise, then a set of the other exercise, then rest.

Doing it the other way (one exercise, rest, other exercise, rest) can also work but you don’t get the same conditioning benefits and it doesn’t help to shorten the workout time.

ok so it is a supersets, thank ! but he saying that we need to take 2/3 minutes rest when we work “antagonist week”
so that will be fine, i really like also like that, because the program can to be a little bit more “faster” and really 6 exercices for me it is really a good deal, not to long, not to short, i work every times Abs after training, streetching, and really i like this prog, when i will get time i will open a training log for show my combination of the exercices that i choice

I don’t see anywhere the program says that. The rest periods are still what’s written in the plan - just do one exercise, then the antagonist, then take that length rest period.

A training log’s a good idea.

"Rest between sets for the same muscle group: 60-120 seconds, and 120-240 seconds (antagonist training"

So when it is antagonist we need to take a little bit more 120/240s it depend just i think your feeling, because it is also a supersets so i think that he explain that for that.

so imagine if u take 60s in a supersets… … i think it is logic, and when it is not antagonist training normal, just follow the normal time like 60 s 90s 120s in the week without antagonist