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Total Body Training and Conditioning

Hey all,

I was wondering whether
How To Trigger Size Gains Every Workout
can be combined with ample conditioning (SSC and HIIT) as I will participate in an Obstacle Run mid-october (13km Viking Obstacle Run brother edition to be more specific) and my conditioning isn’t what it used to be.

My training experience is now 1,5 years, I’m 1.75m and 78kg. Last time (about 3 months ago) I tested my maxes was after Coach Thibs’ 915 which helped quite alot and made me reach:

  • Squat: 145kg
  • Deadlift: 180kg
  • Bench: 100kg
  • Power Clean: 75kg

I’ve trained a push/pull split since in which I gained a little bit of strength in the squat, but to be honest I haven’t seen much of a change in either physique or numbers except the powerclean (which I can now perform with 70kg for 5 sets of 3).

My goals:
Increase in conditioning and maintaining the little gains I made. Side goal which would be more of a bonus would be some fat loss.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Sounds similar to what I am in the process of doing. My training looks similar to this:

Monday - gym conditioning day

  • 20 rep squats
  • KB Swings and goblet squats and Push-ups circuit 20reps x 3 circuits
  • Chin-ups and dips superset
  • 10min on Rowing Machine

Tuesday - 2.4km (1.5mile) run

Wednesday - gym conditioning / Weak body parts

  • 20 rep squats
  • HIIT bike or rower
  • Weak bodypart circuit (I’m doing shoulders which has DB presses, lateral raise, DB Rows)
  • Abz

Thursday - Sprints or 400m runs or 2.4km run

Friday - off

Saturday morning - heavy compound lifts

  • Usually 3-4 compound lifts 3-8 reps, 3 sets
  • 5x5 chin-ups superset Dips

Sunday - off

My conditioning and 2.4km run time has improved considerably, you could perhaps go for a bit longer of a run. My strength on Saturday is slowly still increasing as well.

I’m on a slight calorie deficit over the week but I make sure to eat more on the Friday night and Saturday to help recovery on my high intensity day.

Yeah fine looks like a good program, if conditioning the main goal could even just do the weights 2 days a week

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Well, I’ve done the first week of this program and it’s quite a long workout despite keeping the rest periods to max 90 seconds. It feels strange to do so many sets on the big compound exercises, but I’ll keep it up for the 4 weeks and see how I feel about it. Thanks for the replies by the way!

After the heavy/first round could just cut rest to 30 secs, might be using less weight but fatloss and conditioning will def be boosted

Ah okay! I’ll give it a shot

I stopped this program… I really didn’t feel into it and also my rest and nutrition was far from optimal. Now I fell back to a 4 days a week push pull and I actually enjoy being in the gym again and pushing myself. I’ll keep doing this for about 6-8 weeks and then do 915 again, as it gave me good results. Thanks for the tips anyways!