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Total Body Training Advice


If anyone here is well experienced in TBT can you please PM me? Need some advice :slight_smile:


Why not ask here? You'll will have access to much more knowledge that way.




My advice to you is dont do it

I tried it and it doesnt work

well for me


Alright here we go. Been doing TBT for a while now just focusing on compound lifts on major body parts. I have some lagging body parts that I need to bring up so I'm thinking of incorporating 2 extra movements per session that will bring it to a total 6 movements per session.

My lagging body parts are:

Tris and bis - They're a little under developed in proportion to the rest of my body
Delts - Sides and rears
Middle Back - My physio has advised me i need to strengthen it due correct the bad posture I have due to lack of strength in the mid region

Question is how many times a week should I train each of these?

tris and bis - twice a week?
delts - just focus on lateral raises once a week?
mid back - close grip rows or dumbell rows once a week?



So. All the typical tbt problem areas are lagging behind?
How surprising.

Honestly man, splitting up things a little so you can do everything justice will only kill your progress if you are doing something else wrong.

Lateral raises once a week... Good luck getting strong on them that way...
Nothing for rear delts?
If they don't already grow well from rows (i.e. you have nice rear delt genetics), then you will have to do some serious work for them...

Mid back... Wide grip rows, Kroc rows (focus on retracting the shoulder blades on any row on the positive, release them on the negative, repeat, initiate the rows via shoulder blade movement), rack pulls or DL's where you get the shoulder blades together after each lockout (release before going back down), Mike Wolfe -style face pulls (wide neutral grip in the lat pulldown station, lean back, google Mike Wolfe face pulls... Pull to your throat or upper chest or so... Allows for much more weight than regular face pulls)... Generally mind the scap movement on any row, even close grip and yates rows (i.e. lat rows).


Here's the thing, my body recovers quick and training each body part once a week doesn't do much for me results wise no matter how hard I train. I've seen better results overall when I have trained each body part 2-3 times a week.

Ideally i'd prefer to train each bp twice a week which allows me to focus on more movements per bp and in a 2 on 1 off program that's fine but I only have 3 days a week when i can train so trying to fit a a schedule where I train each bp twice a week in a 3 day plan is impossible. That being said with Legs I have previously got away with training them only once a week due to my cardio training and the amount of work my legs go through there


I can train everything 2-3 times a week too if I adjust my routine and I'm by no means someone who recovers fast... Recovery has nothing to do with it... Chances are you messed up somewhere with the lower frequency routine (diet, routine itself).

Anyway... Why do you only have three days? Can you at least go twice a day or something like that?

You can just add work to your full-body sessions, but after 6 or whatever big exercises, doing the other ones justice is going to be downright impossible...

Even if you were to do 2 full body and one "special" session instead, your weak bodyparts won't catch up if you train them less than the rest/don't make enough progress on the relevant exercises.

You could of course just focus on one weak area at a time, train it every session or something right at the beginning or whatever... But that's still half-assing it and it will affect the rest of your workout.

What is your exact routine like and how much protein do you eat per day? Are you gaining weight?

Only other way I see if you can really only train three days (...) etc, is that you realize that training is an equilibrium and something will have to give somewhere if you want to add more work to another area... Or in your case, include it in the first place... So, maybe instead of training your big movements 3 times a week, train them twice at most and spread that out over your three sessions, or maybe do it like this:

Day 1 - A
Day 2 - off
Day 3 - B
Day 4 - off
Day 5 - A
Day 6 - off
Day 7 - off
Day 8 - B
Day 9 - off
Day 10 - A
Day 11 - off
Day 12 - B

Those are just your big exercises okay? Half the body per session... Then train your weak areas every session on top of that or so.

If you can't gain strength on the ABABAB thing on your big movements, then you are doing something very wrong set/rep wise or so... That should not be an issue...


Yeh i was thinking of doing an A-B split with 2 large bp per session and unlike TBT where you do 1 movement per bp per session I'll do 2 movements per major bp per session hence over a 2 week period i can potentially do lateral raises 3 times with my shoulder workouts for example

My daily protein intake is about 170-180g a day (so basically 1.8g x 95kgs). to be honest I'm not gaining weight, but i have gained some size holding at my current weight but losing fat. to be honest I'm not aiming to get real big

Work at the moment is denying me more flexibility with training days. i used to train 5 days a week 2 on 1 off so training every bp twice a week and that was good but yeh like i said trying to now fit that but of 3 days instead of 4 is bloody hard. haven't figured out a way yet


Why did you post in a bodybuilding forum then? Surely a quilting forum would be more helpful


BONEZ give the guy some better idea how to schedule his split -
eg- mon quilting
tue knitting
wed cake baking
thur train spotting
fri, sat,sun rest , then repeat


Hey OP I found a good website for you:



Not to hi jack this thread, but I've actually just started a 3x /wk TBT training this month. Although I may have different reasons of doing it then you baz350. I think its important you look at what your goals are and then see what is the best route of reaching them. I just finished a competition, and now I'm looking to put some weight on and get alot stronger.

Coming from a high volume style of working out, this 3 a week training is allowing me to rest more, much more and mainly Prioritize my needs. Although nothing to brag about, but i've already gotten stronger and i've gained 7 lbs in 3 weeks. Coming from a ectomorph, I'm content right now with my results.
so I guess TBT works, if its what you need (if that makes any sense)


You weigh about 210 lbs or something like that. And you eat only 170-180 grams of protein per day? And you're not gaining weight?

Good grief man... You basically eat like a regular non-training guy.

As I said... Do the ABA thing, 3 big exercises total per session instead of six, and train your weak bodyparts every session on top of that...

Or get your diet in order and try something along the lines of what Mike Ruggeria did or so...

If you're already limited with the amount of training days you can do, shooting yourself in the foot with your diet by eating too little protein and way too little overall (you could stay at your current weight and just get stronger and lean out, but that doesn't work at all the way you're eating)... Lots of areas you can still improve here and make much nicer progress for the time you spend in the gym.


Routines are for people who can do them. If you have a schedule conflict, or see lagging body parts then don't adjust somebody else's premade routine. Decide on your own, and prioritize what is lagging.


Thanks Cephalic, Parrao & Airtruth

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I remember the time when I refused to believe there was anything wrong with full body/half body training sessions. It took a couple of years to discover I had major problem areas (especially with posture), and low and behold - I had to split the sessions up more and train exercises more often to fix them.

But of course, the problem doesn't lye with TBT :wink:


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