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Hey, I've been weightlifting for a couple of years, but just for general fitness, I was running a lot before so my gains were obviously cut short. Anyway this summer I casually started bodybuilding taking some creatine and whey and learning about nutrition and whatnot. I went from 142-155 over the summer, but I think i've been overtraining on my bodypart split, and I'm also really not advanced enough to warrant it, so i'm gonna try full body workout 3x a day.

I have read Chad (forget his last name)'s 2x/week 2x/day total body but I don't have the time to go twice in the day. So I'm wondering if I can go 1x a day 3x a week (with around 2-3 days between each session). Anyway let me know what you guys think, I'm really looking for any criticism

I also practice Judo 2x a week so I'm wondering if the cardio there is hurting my gains anyway:

Mon: Judo

Tues/Thurs/Sun: Total Body

3x5 (maybe 6? I was told to keep it lower) Flat Bench
3x5 Incline Bench (I think i can switch this with decline bench to give a balance)

3x5 Arnold Press
3x5 bent over rows

3x5 pull-up/dumbbell pull back/Lat pull down (i'm not sure which is more effective, I can really only get 3 pull ups with my own weight up, but I think the assisted pull up machine is a piece of crap)

3x5 rows


3x6-7 Squats/leg press
3x6-7 calf-raises

I think it includes a good amount of compounds, but I'm wondering if I should do isolation after (i.e after flat bench do tricep work)like you do in a body part split, the articles I've read dont have any, and for the sake of time i'm excluding them.

I know I should be doing deadlifts but I can never get the movement right and I don't really have anyone to show me so I'm leaving them out for now.

Anyway let me know what you guys think


Read the stickies at the top, it has a link to his program right in there. Follow it and there you go.


I agree with Outrage. As far as the deadlifts go, google search propper deadlift form, and you'll find articles with youtube links that will show you where you are going wrong. Get deadlifting into whatever routine you choose!


Yea except I can't do 2x a day...


Which beginner program are you reading? CW has a couple of programs that are 3-4 days a week and only 1 x per day. The only programs he has that deal with multiple workouts per day are for more advanced people.