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Total Body Overhaul

Total Body Overhaul Plan

In January of 2008, I went to the hospital one day because I had chest pains and breathing problems. Turns out the over the counter inhaler I had been using for years on my asthma had caused me to have problems this particular day. The doctors told me that it was dangerous to use it so they sent me to my normal doctor to get some real asthma medication.

Today, I am taking Symbicort twice a day and my asthma has been great. The hospital experience scared me a little since before I got there I did not know that the problems were related to my inhaler. Since that day, I’ve decided that I need to get in shape to have a good future.

Before 2008, I could never run the mile in gym class without having to walk 2/3 of it. I was 6’0" and 250lbs. I do not know what my body fat % was but I had some muscle. I had never worked out, only yard work. After starting the asthma medicine, I also cut soda (drank 90% diet) completely and went to drinking water for most of my liquid intake. I dropped 10 pounds a month and only started exercising after the first one or two. I began doing 15 situps, pushups, and crunches 3 times a day and ran 1 mile a day. By my high school graduation in June, I had reached 190 lbs. I was now able to run 2-3 miles at a time and I felt insanely good.

Over the 3 month summer break before college I worked out with my friend. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but we worked out about 4-5 days per week, after every workout we would run and fireman carry each other up 6 flights of stairs in the community center, then go to the high school wrestling practices (he was an assistant coach), and end the day with 1 hour of teaching me basic MMA and boxing. Compared to what I was like in January, I had improved by leaps and bounds by August. Then school and a new job threw me off the wagon, but I have not gained the weight back. I’m still around 200 lbs and decent muscle and I’m ready to get my ass back in the game for life. I want to complete this transformation I started last year and I intend to do it.

Currently ~200 lbs, 6’ 0". 18 years old.


Since it’s easier to stay on track following a general nutrition plan rather than micro managing every single piece, I’ve decided to follow some good looking guidelines. The first being the 7 habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs by John M. Berardi.

  1. Eat every 2-3 hours, no matter what. You should eat between 5-8 meals per day.

  2. Eat complete (containing all the essential amino acids), lean protein with each meal.

  3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables with each food meal.

  4. Ensure that your carbohydrate intake comes from fruits and vegetables. Exception: workout and post-workout drinks and meals.

  5. Ensure that 25-35% of your energy intake comes from fat, with your fat intake split equally between saturates (e.g. animal fat), monounsaturates (e.g., olive oil), and polyunsaturates (e.g. flax oil, salmon oil).

  6. Drink only non-calorie containing beverages, the best choices being water and green tea.

  7. Eat mostly whole foods (except workout and post-workout drinks).

Incorporating into that is Power Foods by TC and 8 More Power Foods by Chris Shugart.

Wild Salmon
Grass-Fed Beef
Olive Oil
Turkey Breast
Shiitake Mushrooms
Organic Coconut Oil
Omega-3 Enriched Eggs
Greek Yogurt

Great thing is I’m one of the least pickiest eaters ever and I already like 90% of these foods. I don’t see how you couldn’t!


I will be joining my friend’s gym ($27/month) and doing what he does. I’m not too worried about how to exactly fit my body’s needs now, I just need to get back into the groove of working out. I don’t know exactly what exercises he does yet, but here is the general schedule.

Mon: Shoulders, traps, back
Tue: Chest
Wed: Off
Thu: Biceps, Triceps
Fri: Legs
Sat: Off
Sun: Off

Every other day is abs. I’m also going to incorporate my old beginnings doing 20 situps, pushups, and crunches everyday. Also running 1 mile per day. I realize that these won’t give me muscle, only tone, but they will help. I also realize that these small tone ups will become easy real fast so I will obviously add more reps and run further.


8-9 hours of sleep per night. I don’t do it now and I need to.

Final Thoughts

As I utilize the site more and get into the groove of a nutrition plan and working out, I’ll better customize everything towards my developing body.

Long post but I need to keep myself motivated!