Total Body Allergies

It seems that every food im eating is giving me somesort of negative response. Especially whey protein, casein, Oats, eggs,yogurt,Beans, cottage cheese and meat. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of choices.

When I eat these foods my sinuses close up, throat gets mucosy, and energy levels plummet. Not to mention water retention.

Anyone have any ideas to combat this? THe only thing my body curently like is not eating.

We know where that leads!

Have you been checked out an allergist or done an elimination diet? Do you find antihistamines lessen or eliminate your symptoms?

It might be all of those foods, but it could be just one or a few (or something else entirely). If you really are allergic to all those foods that’s going to suck because my understanding is that the only real solution for food allergies is to avoid that food.

But, you really do need to talk to an allergist about it.

Weird… I have been getting similar symptoms for a couple weeks now.

Yogurt, tuna… you name it.

You didn’t answer about the histamine responce.

Are you eating anything at all that doesn’t give you problems?

Look on the net ,put N.A.E.T. in search engine.
Dr Tim

I haven’t tried a histamine, Im under the impression that its killing a fly with a howlister. Like an aspirin, for a headache.

I haven’t seen an allergist, I have done that once and found it rather inconclusive.

Foods that work, greens plus, perfect food, lemon juice, grapefruit. Large Salads, vegetable soups. and live green juices.

BUT this type of diet does wonders for losing strength and LBM!!!Honestly I hate this type of diet.

Rice protein is somewhat tolerated.

And not eating!Allowing my digestive system to rest has helped.

WOrst offender is any type of whey, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese,red meat , chicken, casein.

really fun huh?

You need to go to an Allergist. Tell them you want to be tested for food allergies. The Allergist will then tell you what foods that you test sensitive to. Then you do an elimination diet for about 3 months and then slowly add back in the foods you tested sensitive to. Usually one food about every 2 weeks or so and monitor how you react to each one. Those that cause little or no problem you keep in your diet. The others you either eliminate or only consume when you feel like you can put up with their side effects.

ive had allergy tests done before in my life. what I remember is their was a gray area with alott of foods. So what do you do if they say your not allergic but still having symptoms/???, Ie your not allergic to beef , but having problems

I think the problem is related to Leaky Gut, and the immune response that goes with penetrating undigested food inthe bloodstream.

Poliquin has written about this.

What are your symptoms?

[quote]Shortest Straw wrote:

I think the problem is related to Leaky Gut, and the immune response that goes with penetrating undigested food inthe bloodstream.

I do not understand this. How can undigested foods get in your bloodstream?

Sounds strange. I think there are various processes in the body that release histamines.

If I am not getting enough sleep and am run down or otherwise compromising my immune system, then the dust and mold around my home will start getting to me.

I’m not sure how to explain it. If you get a lot of sleep and have a light or skipped day in the gym, do things improve?

Do you have any seasonal allergies that would simply throw you over the edge, at least with respect to your total load of allergy promoting substances?

Anyway, don’t be afraid to use an anti-histamine from time to time. You don’t want to live on them, or any other medication, but if you needed them to get a better nights sleep, helping you breathe better for example, then by all means, do that, so you can get on the mend.

If it isn’t obvious, I don’t have any particular expertise in this, but just seem to be more allergenic at some times than others myself.

[quote]Shortest Straw wrote:
I think the problem is related to Leaky Gut, and the immune response that goes with penetrating undigested food inthe bloodstream.[/quote]

There are foods, substances or so on that can change the permeability of the stomach or digestive system. I don’t know the scope of the effect or whether or not some percentage of people could have adverse reactions to them.

Eliminate some “recent” additions and see if that does it for you?