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Righty i've been coming to this site quite a bit recently, reading up on the articles as i do bike trials. Ever seen motorbike trials on tv? ( eurosport for all us europeans ) Its basically where you go over obstacles on a motorbike except i do it on bicycles. So ive been reading up on some of the articles to help improve my explosive power and about different ways of thinking to improve performance.

Anyways back to my questions. I wouldn't class my self as a weight lifter at all, i just do light weights whenever i have free time to try and keep some tone. Since i ride a bike a lot i have some form of burning off excess calories that i eat. However there is one area which i can not tone at all. Its like.. the sides of my pecs not on the inside but the outsides. Really confusing me how to explain this.. basically diagonally down and away from my nipple. I pretty much do press ups every day probably about 60 - 100 ( i know thats a big variance but after biking for 4 hours im too tired to do any more ) yet still i cant get rid of this excess skin/fat. Any idea for exercises i may be able to perfom in my room at university ( its a lot of money to join the gym here and i just simply dont have the time and the will power for it to feesable to fork out the money ).

Also since im a student at university i have been thinking about joining a break dancing club. Will this be of some help to tone up my body? To put it simple.. i really really hate going to the gym, i know its the easiest and best way to improve my body and im totally in awe at the way you guys can be so dedicated to lifting but im the type of person that hates lifting weights. Knowing that i have to do a certain amount of reps etc and being in a room doing it... Id rather find a decent amount of activities that require body strength, so i improve my muscles like that. Sorry if thats confusing.

So to sum up this post... hi! im pretty much happy with my overall body. Legs, shoulders, stomache.. but it just seems my chest and pecs dont seem to be quite as good. Thanks to anyone that replies!


I highly doubt anyone who took the time to read your post will stop reading after this sentence. I did.


Trials rock!

However, if you're serious about improving you strength, get your ass in a gym or at least get your hands on some weights and train at home.

John Davies stuff would be great for a trials rider. Check out his programs on this site.


I will do my best to be somewhat kind in my response (especially since I know there is a long line of people on this site who will take care of the flaming part just fine)...

You have come to a site that is primarily dedicating to bodybuilding with some nice pockets for olympic lifting, athletic performance, powerlifting and so on. Everything about this site involving moving weights in different ways and in different planes.

If you have actually spent some time (as you say you have) reading this site of late... why on earth would you basically ask people what to do to "tone" (perhaps one of the most dreaded terms on this site, period) in a way that does not involve lifting weights when you are all of 130 lbs at 5' 8"??? You have seen the... ahem... brutal honesty on this site. Were you really expecting some kind of legitimate answer?

Well, that was the nice treatment. Let the pimp slapping begin...


I know. My eyes popped and my brain hemmorraged when I read that.


Nice avatar, though.

Dan "No pimp slap... yet." McVicker


I knew this was going to happen, thanks for the information chris king. All the others.. i couldnt care less what you have to say. You wonder why most average people think body builders are cocks.. its because of your attitude to normal people. I came here looking for answers, not a lecture on how you all hemirage at the sight of someone saying tone. I hope you put as much effort in to training as you do at being unhelpful, i wont be coming back here again.



Then why did you ask in the first place?

You asked two questions. The answers to those questions are:

1) No.
2) It's better than sitting on a couch, but you didn't really give anything useful (height, weight, BF%, etc), so it's hard (impossible?) to say how much it would benefit you specifically.