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Tostrex (Androgel)

Hi guys!

Is there any way to use the gels and not shut down HPTA? I have been thinking that since the T is not bound to an ester and hence is much faster out in the bloodstream that it will also clear the bloodstream faster. That made me think if I could use the gel like every other week or so! For my understanding it takes 2-3 weeks before the HPTA will shut down. Thanks in advance.

There’s no way to prevent the HPTA shutdown whether it’s gel or injected. One your pituitary detects testosterone in the bloodstream, your HPTA shuts down because the feedback loop is broken.

Even if the gel clears the system after 1-2 days?

You can’t supplement with T. It will be an uncomfortable roller coaster with very unstable hormones. At a steady state it takes 6 weeks for hormones to stabilize after introduction.

Yes with esters, but the testosterone delivery is much faster with the creams/gels. Atleast that is what I have been told.

Spiking your testosterone every couple of weeks won’t get you anywhere but unstable.

If you’re clearing out the gels quickly, you won’t benefit from treatment, gels reeach peak in hours, not days. You need to keep levels elevate all the time, or you won’t feel a thing.

Frankly I don’t care if my broken HPTA is shut down, it wasn’t doing me any favors anyway, good riddance.

Even if I do 10 days gel and then 10 days off? Will it be a “rollercoster”? The tought of shutting down my own production entierly frightens me a little bit.

It’s irrational to want to hold onto a poorly functioning HPTA if it’s not doing you any favors. If gels give you a hormonal roller coaster, switch to injections.

You’re making this harder than it needs to be with all the excess worrying.

aside from that what causes praipism or over erections on testosterone what harmone gets high or low to cause that.

The thing is I did trt for 4 months, then went off and I didnt feel that much difference. I started intermediate fasting and started to feel real good. So I am in for a hard desicion.

You need to run labs in order to determine the best protocol which is based off your biomarkers. You can’t just inject T and hope for the best.

You need Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen. I felt nothing injecting 50mg every 3.5 days even though my levels were high, I didn’t start to respond until I started injecting 20mg every 2 days, some guys don’t respond to TRT when injections are spaced out to far apart.

50mg every 3.5 days for 6 months and nothing happened, one week after starting 20mg every 2 days and my muscles were growing fast within the very first week!

bruh i m gone wait for my erections to slow down and all and if i make my self able to pin again i m going to try 20mg per week to see what happens if i get a gel might try 10mg

Yes I know I did 12,5mg every day! I started with 25mg EOD but felt better with daily injections. I then went off and know I am thinking about trying the cream/gel!

maybe i am sensitive or what but how u feel nothing on 12mg every day

no one answers my question what causes praipism or over erections on testosterone what harmone gets high or low to cause that.

Sounds like your thyroid is giving you problems, TRT will not work if you metabolism is shit, you need to be able to metabolize testosterone in the liver which requires optimal thyroid hormones.

i have my labs my all thyroid markers per perfect before amd after trt

even low estrogen cause ED my even on low estrogen my erections are prisistant long and painful.

Priapism is an uncommon condition, it occurs commonly in certain men who have sickle cell anemia.