Toss out the 10ml after 30 days?

Im on test cyp 100mg/ew. My script is for Two 1ml bottles monthly. According to my pharmacy, there is a shortage of the 1ml bottles, so they just gave me a 10ml bottle and told me to toss it out after 30 days. My question is, can I just go ahead using this bottle until its dry? I am currently inject e3d, so its gonna be a lot of holes, but I really see any reason why i cant continue to use this and just stockpile the rest for when there might be a shortage, or just for a rainy day.

Throw away test??? Your kidding right???

Just giving you a hard time. Use it up.

I believe there is something on the CDC website about multi dose bottles and discarding them after 30 days …I was also told the same thing. I also get 10cc bottles from pharmacy …at trt dosing it lasts a LONG time. Just use it up … stock pile any extra for a rainy day … :))
Don’t toss it !!! I haven’t had any problems…

My 20ml vial of test cyp has been open for probably about 2 months. Still fine. I usually fill 2-3 syringes at a time. Each time I fill, I wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe.

Just clean the top with alcohol swabs each time, no need to toss it.

T esters in oil are very stable
.5% benzoyl alcohol prevents bacteria growth
not water based, no media for bacteria or viruses
store at room temperatures
store in a package that keeps out light that can affect the oil base