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Torture Gang Found Guilty of Schoolgirl's Murder




Kidnap and torture gang found guilty of schoolgirl's murder

Riazat Butt
Saturday March 18, 2006
The Guardian

Four men who kidnapped, tortured and raped a 16-year-old girl were found guilty of her murder at Reading crown court yesterday. Mary-Ann Leneghan was put through a horrific ordeal before she was murdered, the jury heard during the eight week long trial.

Adrian Thomas, 20, Jamaile Morally, 22, Joshua Morally, 23, and Llewellyn Adams, 24, all from London, were convicted by the jury of killing the Irish schoolgirl in May 2005.

A fifth man, Michael Johnson, 19, pleaded guilty to murder earlier in the trial.

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Jurors heard how Mary-Ann was abducted, raped and forced to take heroin and crack cocaine before being stabbed to death in a park.

Her 18-year-old friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, survived the ordeal despite being shot in the head.

Mary-Ann and her friend had been sitting in a car in a pub car park when they were kidnapped. They were bundled into a car boot and driven to a guesthouse, where the men booked a room.

According to accounts given by the friend, who was chief witness for the prosecution, the men put towels on the floor as soon as they entered to avoid leaving traces of blood.

Richard Latham QC, prosecuting, said the two girls were then subjected to "a concentrated sequence of controlled acts of violence and degradation" over a long period. They were made to strip, were hit with a pole, cut with knives, and raped. A gun was put into the 18-year-old's mouth while the men laughed.

The men crowded round her while she was on all fours and told her they were going to cut off part of her genitals and feed it to her.

The girls were taken to Reading's Prospect Park, where a pillowcase was placed over Mary-Ann's head. She was then repeatedly stabbed to death.

A pillowcase was also placed over her friend's head. A loaded gun was placed against her forehead and discharged. She fell unconscious and was left for dead.

Mr Latham said the men had targeted Mary-Ann and her friend in revenge for setting up Thomas to be robbed the previous month.

The court heard that Thomas was renting a flat in Reading and became known to Mary-Ann and her friends. He was assaulted and his belongings stolen from the flat.

Mr Latham said: "Thomas believed Mary-Ann had set him up for that robbery. During their ordeal, the girls were asked by those there if they had stolen their drugs. And they were asked: 'How did you expect us to let you get away with it?' They were told they must have known they [the men] would come for them."

Mr Latham told the jury that, based on evidence from Mary-Ann's friend, the psychological torture was intended to continue until the moment of death.

In Mary-Ann's case, the jury heard, the men wanted her to die slowly. Some of the men asked Thomas for permission to burn or stab the two girls.

The two girls were forced to perform sex acts on each other, and, said Mr Latham, a "pack mentality" developed among the men.

Mr Latham said the friend was told her own last memory was to be the sight of Mary-Ann being butchered in the park. He told the jury that in the room the girls were repeatedly told they were to be killed.

"We say that not only were these two girls raped in that room, they were physically and psychologically tortured. It is difficult to imagine anything more awful than being notified that at the end of the physical assaults that you are suffering and have been going on for hours, not minutes, that you are going to die."

Mary-Ann's friend wept audibly as the verdicts were read out in court and had to be comforted by loved ones. She had detailed her ordeal to a packed courtroom, after facing her attackers for the first time, and returned to court each day to hear the trial unfold.

Jurors have yet to reach a verdict on charges of murder and attempted murder against Indrit Krasniqi, 18. He has been convicted of raping both girls and assaulting Mary-Ann's friend.

The judge, Mr Justice Penry-Davey, has asked the jury to return on Monday to continue their deliberations on Krasniqi, from London.

All six men faced counts of kidnap, rape, murder, attempted murder of the older girl and assault. Thomas and Morally were found guilty of attempted murder, kidnap, rape of Mary-Ann, rape of her friend and assault on the friend. Morally was also found guilty of an additional count of rape on the older girl.

His brother Joshua was additionally convicted of attempted murder and rape of both girls. He admitted kidnap and assault on the older girl. Johnson was convicted of raping both girls and assaulting the older girl. Adams was also found guilty of attempted murder and kidnap of both girls, but was cleared of rape and assault.

The men will be sentenced later.


I'm usually not old testament, but these guys need putting in a large press and squashing slowly.


Send em to Texas. We know what to do with them.


I'm thinking "A Time To Kill" kinda thing needs to happen here.


That's what the death penalty was invented for


I say tie theM all up spread eagle, naked, and facing each other in a hexagonal or octagonal fashion. (Think of a UFC ring)

Every hour on the hour, stick a curling iron or cattle prod up one of their asses until each has been "stuck". Every hour on the hour after they've all been stuck, turn on ONE of either the cattle prod or curling iron AND every hour on the hour turn up said apparatus 1 degree Farenheight.

While this is going on, every hour on the hour, fill said room where men are held w/ 1/2 inch of ice cold water until water covers all the way up until the ankle of the shortes man is covered. Then lower the temperature of the water by 1 degree Farenheit every hour on the hour until ice starts to form.

A mix of Techno, Metal, and Gangster Rap shall be played starting at 80 decibels and very hour on the hour said music will be raised 1 decibel until 110 decibels is reached. Music after that shall be played at 110 decibels for the entirety of the mens "treatment".

The room where said men shall be kept will be sound and light proof to the outside so as to keep anyone else from witnessing the prisoners "treatment".




Quite an imagination. I wonder (worry) whether you read this some where, or are actually depraved to think this up all on your own.

...Personally, i'm all about using a large pair of nail clippers on cartilage, eyelids, etc.


this is a good idea. Though i think the increase and decreases in temperature are too small for them to feel the full effect. We wouldn't want them to become accustomed to it.

Better idea would just use them for drug testing like that incident in germany leaving one guy looking like the elephant man. We wouldn't give a shit if it fucked up these guys. Then when they have become totally spent we shall just execute them.


Fucking right bro.

Send them to Texas - they don't mind killing wankers like this. Given the weak UK justice system (I'm a Brit, so I can say that), I'll be surprised if they get sentenced to even 25 years - and they'll more likely be out much sooner too.


Sorry for being cruel, but shouldn't the chick be arrested for burglary?


You actually do bring up a point, but her arrest isn't it. If you play with fire, you have to expect to eventually get burned. This was beyond cruel and they should fry, but these girls weren't "innocent" apparently.


I think she has been punished enough for her crime.


I believe that the men doing the torturing/killing were doing so because they "believed" the girl had "set them up" for a robbery. Not exactly convincing evidence, let alone reason to torture and murder somebody...


True. Hanging out with and stealing from the scum of the earth is not very wise.


They'll probably serve half their sentence and get released with new identities and be able to sue the government for the stress they suffered in prison.

British justice is a joke.


I dont think these men should die. Of course what they did was horrible, but they shouldnt die.

They should be given to the jersey prison these two articles were about and use them as the boxing teams personal dummies. They could also rape, torture, beat, fuck up these guys like these guys did to the girls, just dont kill them so this goes on for years.


OK, please, let's not turn this into a death penalty argument. We already know who supports it and who doesn't, and we never get anywhere on the subject.

That said, Zap, I had a feeling that argument would be brought up, that she's already paid her dues through her ordeal. But the law is the law.

If I rob a bank and the police beat the shit out of me cruelly when they catch me, should I be forgiven?

I merely brought up the point to not let people forget that potentially she is at fault, too. Whether or not she actually did rob them, or framed them, who knows, the article doesn't say, but it should still be looked into. Of course, it won't, cuz that would be "cruel" but it should.


I must admit, I'm not much of a death penalty fan, but what the hell do you do with 6 guys who spent three hours torturing one girl to death and attempting to kill another?


I question that, in who's interest is it to prosecute this girl, seeing as the victim of the burglary spent an afternoon raping and torturing her and her friend?

Seeing as the only crime in this country that leads to prosecution is driving too fast, I can't see that one getting much court time.