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Torture! (A Lifting Excursion)


In my sport, I have to more or less kick/punch continuously for 2 min rounds. So, I've adapted the Tabata Protocol to this situation. Here's an example, from benching:

Put a light weight on the BB (for me, this was 125 pounds). Bench as fast as you can for 20 secs. Rest for 10 secs. Repeat this 7 more times. When this becomes easier, add weight; I've not reached this yet btw.

Rest for 5 minutes.

Do similar for any other exercise you want. I do short-range upright rowing.

Rest 5 minutes. Now go bench for 1 or 2 sets of very heavy.

Please try this before laughing at such a light weight. Torture is gooodddd!! :slight_smile:



This method is a complete bitch on a heavy bag, if you haven't tried it. You'll need to be sure to put everything you have into each punch/kick, you really lose your chance to puke.

I'm trying to work up to the four minutes all out on the heavy bag. If I cheaet, I can make it there no problem, but no cheating, I cannot make it.

Happy punching.


I've trained like that as well and it does suck! Gives immediate appreciation of MMA guys and what they go through.

On another thread, some of the guys are wondering what fighters in Pride and MMA lift. Maybe they don't understand that matches(and usually bar fights), are not usually over in one punch or kick. You've got to be able to strike hard AND REPEATEDLY!.



Good point.

In a nutshell this is what they don't understand:

A MMA fight is not about one rep (max) strength. It's about strength endurance.

And to those who think that max strength means you are able to repeat that effort better than another who actually trains for strength endurance, you're WRONG!

Does more "one rep" strength help? Sure it does...but it cannot take the place of creating the endurance strength that you need to go 15:00 to 30:00.

The body needs to learn how to deal with a number of things such as lactic acid etc....

Ultimately you must train sport specific.


I love using squat thrusts with some light db's for Tabata. You get an incredible lactic acid burn in your legs, ass, shoulders, and arms. This will definetely kick your ass, no question.