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Torticollis - Wry Neck


Hi guys, new to the forums.

I was hoping someone here would be able to help me with my situation-I’ve searched google far and wide but unfortunately I’ve had no luck in terms of finding an answer.

I woke up yesterday with some excruciating neck pain, couldn’t turn my head right at all and had to keep it slightly tilted for most of the day-otherwise I’d be in agony.
It turns out that this is quite a common problem, caused by sleeping in an awkward position (or sometimes injury).

I took some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants yesterday, my neck was much better by the evening, and even better this morning, but I still get some discomfort when turning my head to the right.

Just wondering if anyone here has come across this before and if anyone knows when it would be safe for me to hit gym again?

Many thanks in advance


Pretty sure I deal with this issue, but perhaps not as frequent as some. I recall it being most prevalent when I do things that put a big stress on my cervical spine. Things like heavy log press (pushing the head back far while you hold a heavy weight on the chest), and even intense squat/deadlift sets exploiting a muscle imbalance thus causing the issue.

I wish I could help, but I don’t really know how to avoid it besides some prehab work and rest.


Go see a good chiropractor. It will help.