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So Isohunt is down… does anyone knows other good sites other than piratebay?

YIFY - Movies

EZTV - Shows

Second eztv. I hear very good things about kickasstorrents but haven’t really tested it yet. Axxomovies.org gets some good films soon after release.

Why you need anything other than piratebay?

[quote]IFlashBack wrote:
YIFY - Movies

Omg. This is a god-send.

Thank you.

And I like kickass torrents. Works well and is resilient. Don’t really have a whole lot of things that aren’t recent or popular though.

I second YIFY, hd movies that download quick.

Rarbg is great too.

I second (or third) KickAssTorrents. I use them currently. Pales in comparison to demonoid (RIP!!!) but still does the job I normally need. I’ll have to check out YIFY though…


demonoid beta site is up, I got an invite to join it since i was a orig demonoid user, but I don’t trust it. smells like phishing.