Torqued My Sacrum

Heya guys.

I don;t usually post in here (strength sports), but found out 2 days ago that my younger brother (a physical therapist who works at a ‘performance center’) signed me up to compete in a strongman contest. An amateur one, so don’t get the wrong idea ($ went to charity for a couple of cops who were shot and their families).

Anyway, I don’t really train in a manner that prepared me for any of the events, but managed to be top 3 going into the finals.

I ended up sitting them out though as during my last deadlift (with a wide bar -never even saw one before!), I felt a horirble pain, and after being poked, proded and set up with a heating pad and muscle stim machines, was told that I had “torqued” my sacrum and that it would probably spasm all over the place for a while.

Well, let me tell you,… it f*cking hurts! -lol (I did nail the lift though)

I’ve torn muscles before, strained things, and sprained things, but this is just different, so I figured I’d see if any of you ‘experienced’ guys have had this happen.


Man…i’ve done this twice before. Completely different scenario as it was years ago in a high school basketball tourney and the following summer during a training camp. And let me tell you i could not even walk after the end of the championship game.

The only way that I could get this fixed was going to an Osteopath. After the first session i felt good as new each time and just with a couple days of rest I was back to normal.

Man, lemme tell you, I seem to fluctuate from “yeah, I feel pretty good”, to just writhing in pain even if I’m not moving, or just laying in bed.

I understand that if I had seriously injured myself I wouldnt be up and walking about, but I just wanna be healed alrady! -lol