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Well, who's gonna be there?

(For those of you not in the know: TO is holding a big festival thing to show that they've "beat SARS" or whatever (they're being quite silly about that lately). Rush, AC/DC, and the Stones are gonna be there, among others)


You're all going to contract tuberculosis instead.


My sister is going.

I'm not much of a Stones fan. Now if The Doors were having a reunion show, I'd be first in line. However, I dunno how they'd do it with Jim Morrison being dead and all.


chris: Me neither. We left just into their set. :slight_smile:

Fuck the stones man, as far as I'm concerned I went to an AC/DC concert. I saw Angus Young play live baby. The guy's still a fucking lunatic and he's like 60....

Rush played a really good set also.


The singer from the Cult, Ian Astbury is supposed sing for the Doors but I think they've run into legal troubles from the Jim Morrison camp.


The equivalent of 540 football fields of surface and NO PICS of it when the +/- 500 000 level was attained (either in the papers or a 5-6 websites I visited today).


At 20$ apiece, at lets say 450 000$, you wind up with 9 million in revenues. And half of the profits go for a good cause. <i>(Hows that for contributing to good causes, Mr Bill Phillips? Sorry to bring up a specter guys.)

What`s it gonna take to have adequate press coverage nowadays?

Another thing, I think it`s near the top for big audiences where admissions were charged, so comparisons with Y2K is not appropriate.

(Apparently, Paul McCartney once did 684 000 somewhere in South America, but I am no big fan, so I can`t certify this one.)


D`OH. 450 000 persons.


Apparently it was a good show.I'm only 2 hours away but had to work.Damn.
Probably the lack of news coverage was do to the fact that there weren't any major mishaps or riots.And it was in Canada.