Toronto T-Nation Members

Hey Toronto lifters:

2 questions:

  1. Any of you guys know if there is a gym that has a glute ham raise machine or setup in the main Toronto area? I know I can do them ghetto style off a lat pulldown machine facing away & off the floor style but I wanted to add some weight via plates.

  2. Any place locally (besides Fitness Depot) that sells decent resistance bands other than online for bench press & other assistance exercises?

Any help or links would be appreciated; thanks.


I doubt you will be able to find a glute ham raise in any of the commerical gyms here in Toronto. Generally all these commercial gyms such as Premier,Ballys,etc. are geared towards the fitness/bodybuilding crowd and most of them have never heard of a glute ham raise or reverse hyper or anything like that. Your best chance of finding a glute ham raise is in one of the garage gyms that exist in the GTA and hope that they will let you train with their group.

Outside of that your only options are to purchase your own,continue to use the ghetto style or maybe if you and your friends bug the management enough they will go out and get one. Also you can try the forums on the CPU and the Ontario Strongman websites but I’d be surprised if they knew any commercial gyms in the area that had one.

As far as resistance bands go the only place you can get them is online. There is a link on the CPU site for a Canadian company that carries them and of course there are several sites in the U.S that carry the bands such as Elitefts,Jump Stretch,etc.