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Toronto Seminar

Hello T-Men and Women

I wanted to pop on the forum and let you guys and girls know that on the weekend of April 6th and 7th, Ian King, Charlie Francis, and I will be hosting a seminar in Toronto. Yep, recently the Simpsons came to Toronto and now we’re following suit. For more information check out Ian King’s web site. If you decide to register, let them know that you heard about the seminar right here on the forum. It should be one heck of a weekend. I hope to see you there.

You meant Edmonton, right? I’m sure you did. I mean, what does Toronto offer that Edmonton doesn’t have?

Argh! So close, yet so far!!!

What is Ian King’s web site addy?

I didnt see much info on these seminars on both of there sites,does anyone have any info?

I’ll get you all the details within the next few days.


How much will it cost??? One milllllion Dollars. Said in best Dr. Evil voice Guess I’ll have to wait for the details. Thanks for the notice John. :slight_smile:


JB, damn! I live near LA and wanted to go to Francis’ seminar (my daughter is a good HS 400 M runner) but will be unavoidably out of town on the 3/25 w/e. This will center on “speed strength”, correct? Can we get a tape or booklet on this seminar? Thanks.
Big Red


Date and Time: Saturday April 6, 2002; 9am – 5pm

Location: Delta Meadowvale Hotel, 6750 Mississauga Road , Mississauga ON L5N 2L3,

Cost: $170 USD

No. Of days: One-day seminar

For more information please visit www.kingsports.net or www.johnberardi.com.

Topics for saturday include:

*The importance of proper food selections for athletic performance/body composition. We will discuss brand new research showing how different proteins, carbohydrates, and fats behave very differently in the body.

*The importance of organizing your diet to support your training program. We will discuss how each type of training program works different energy systems. These different energy systems, in turn, use different fuel sources therefore it is important to eat appropriately for the type of exercise you will perform.

*Weight training program design for improving body composition and conditioning.

*The key exercises for size, strength and leanness and how to perform them optimally.

Sunday’s price is also $170. For the two days it’s $270.

Topics for sunday include:

  • speed program design for speed strength
  • technical skills for sport speed
  • sport speed strategies for competition
  • recovery methods
  • strength training program design for speed strength
  • technical skills for speed-strength exercises
  • question and answer time
  • and more!

Hey Big Red…although many t-maggers dont know this (as most of my articles are nutrition-based), I have a pretty big stable of elite athletes that I provide comprehensive training and nutritional programs for. After all, my primary training is in ex phys and I’ve been a national level multi-sport athlete. Email me and we can set something up to get your little girl on track (sorry about the pun).