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Toronto Pro 2011


Cool to see him back !


I still think he deserved 3rd place even though curry is a more complete body builder, IMO he should have been punished for not coming in condition.

I'm hoping Frank can nab an O qualification this coming weekend at the tampa pro show.

Craig Richardson really has some momentum going, if he could bring up his back a little bit he'd be a top 10 body builder.

And again Lionel Beyeke, give him 2 years and he will be a top 6 body builder(if he doesn't get any injuries or pull a roelly/ben white).

I'm hoping after this show ben white will take 12 months off, he isn't doing himself any favours competing in shows and coming in guest poser condition and smaller than the previous season.


Frank really did his homework, working with Hany is obviously a great choice. He is my goal physique and its good to see him still at it after tearing a tricep then getting fucked up in a car crash


brandon curry got the 3rd olympia qualification in front of him! like to see how brandon does at the o


won't place top 10, won't come in condition and legs will still be undersized.


Yow, that rear double bicep shot was impressive. I've always thought of Frank as just a mass monster, this may be the first time I can actually recalled seeing him diced.



its a shame that he hasnt improved in conditioning since his pro debut.
do you know the tampa pro line up? really hoping frank can come in as diced as at the toronto pro and get an o qualification


Frank Mcgrath, Hide, dugdale, Jason Huh - can't seem to find a competitors list unfortunatly.