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Tornel Super Test-250


Have any of you tried this product lately? All I can find are reviews from 2001 or older. Has their product quality gone up? I asking because I have someone local I can get this from and I was wondering if I could use it for Brock's Gramabol cycle? If not who's Sustenon version should I look for? Any and all help is welcome.



i have used tornels enanthate last about 8 months ago. it was a good product but as far as i know they did and still do only make vet grade gear. as far as sust goes i like organon. on it now and loving it.


Would the Super Test be good enough to use for the Gramabol cycle or should I save my money for organon's Sust 250. By the way this would be my de-flowering cycle, I just want to know if I should wait for 'Mr.Right' a.k.a the good stuff.

Thanks for the quick responce Drago1


From what I have read they are not as clean as they use to be. I would go for some organon sus. I personally stick with that. Hey Drago, which organon sus you using?


Any other opinions on this product.


My opinion, spend the money on the good stuff just because it is your first cycle. Plenty of time for the ghetto stuff later. My first cycle was Organon Sust and there has never been another that has compared to the quality of it. Now Drago has been using for awhile too and he loves it as well so it is not just the fact that it was my first time that I got such gains, it is the product. I would save up the money and do it. You will not be sorry. Maybe later you will be because then you will compare every cycle to that one and maybe they just never will.