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!@#%$! Tornado's

So for those of you living in the Midwest I hope all of you are making it through this insane weather alright!

So we had some Tornados around here last night and of course with it lightning. So I’m at the car dealership last night bitching at them b/c they sold the subaru I had put on hold for me! Well in the middle of this the Tornado siren goes off along with the emergency broadcast system to take shelter.

I’m looking around and I’m in a freaken glass show room and thats it. So I hoped in my truck and floored it home.

I make it home just before the wind really cranks up but lighting was striking all around. So i go inside and turn on my big screen TV to check the weather when…BAM! The damn lightning hits the power lines…surge goes through the line, destroys my surge protectors and fries my nice 32’’ TV.

Needless to say I’m freaken pissed b/c I really don’t have that much money and it took me awhile to save up for that TV. Haha the worst part is I can’t go out and get a new one yet as all the highways are closed b/c of the flooding!

Lol ok so I feel like Rainjack on his fathers day right about now! :slight_smile: Hmmm my birthday is next Sat. so maybe the g/f or the family will hook me up. Oh well.

I hope all you out here are safe and that the worst you faired is like me with only some busted appliances!