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Tornadoes and Fail in the Forecast


Okay, so central and Northeastern Oklahoma are currently getting teh buttsecks from tornadoes ("tornaduhs" in local dialect).

Why is this important, you might ask? Well, I live in this region, so yeah, this shit is vital and cereal.

This morning, the forecast literally was "large tornadoes and hail". Okay...wait, what? I've lived in this state my whole life and have never heard a meteorologist say that.

There are already storms that have developed out in central and Northeastern Oklahoma that are moving 70 mph, which rarely happens.

So yeah, I probably won't live to post in T-Nation tomorrow. I'll just say this now, I want to be buried with my prowler. I was thinking of leaving to one of yous guys, but decided against it.

We clear?




Also I lol'd at the random 18-wheeler driving passed (near) the "tornaduh".

*Pardon the lame advertisement.




More pwnage


Wear your helmet...


holy crap dude


Yeah, I'm actually getting ready to close my store down and head home so my car doesn't get hailed on.


Good luck man.

If it doesn't go so well, can I have anything of yours?




I'm still alive so no, you can't have anything. Although, they say the storms are supposed to fire up again today so you might be in luck.

Since you asked nicely, I could leave my prowler to you. I'll think about it.


For your funeral can we do this to you for your prowler?:



Good luck, all my friends from school are battening down the hatches. Stay safe.

I Witnessed/survived the 5/3/99 F5. Good times.


That is little odd, but what the hell? Just make sure there are a handfull of 45's on the prowler so people think I was actually strong.


I like this guy. I don't want him to die!!!!


Thanks. Yeah, I was living around Tulsa during the epic May 1999 tornado outbreak. That was some wild schtuff.


Never fear, I know what actions to take in the event of a tornado.


Go out onto the front porch to get a look-see.


Or get up on the roof of the house for a better view.

Here is a slideshow of some of the kewl devastation.



Yeah just heard about this. I'm supposed to have an interview via Skype for a job in OKC tomorrow, not sure if its going to need to be postponed or not.

Speaking of which where do you lift at? If interview goes well I'll be moving to OKC soon. Found that Chesapeake Boathouse which looks real nice for cardio and conditioning but haven't found anything that sounds or looks like a good gym for weights.

Stay safe and all that hopefully no more comes down. Or the hail. Heard about hail the size of baseballs, that would be scarier than the tornado to me.


I actually live up in the Tulsa area, which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes or so from OKC. I would just do a search on gyms in the area and see what pops up. Been to OKC countless times, but couldn't tell you about any gyms.

p.s. I can recommend a sweet bar in OKC. Just go to the Brick Town area and ask around for Tap Works. You won't be disappointed.