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Tornado.. In Toronto?


K, so we're far off from Tornado alley, and we're in a city and area rippled with hills, a place not really known for tornadoes. But today, in the burbs a few KM from my house a tornado touched down. It seemed pretty mild all being considered, but it ripped the roofs off some houses and apparently one person is dead. The storm is still going, but all thats going on over my head is a serious lightning show and a sky that's more green than anything.

The thunder, never ends


Crazy dude. Tornadoes are the shit.


Not if you're in one.


Have you ever been in one ?


Yes. Not too much fun, unless it cancels practice.

There have been tornadoes in Spain, so Toronto isn't too surprising.


Something was different about the t-storm we had today, although at least where I am (Scarborough) it wasn't that bad.


Ya man i'm in Vaughn, i saw the funnel clouds, it was pretty weird. First the total darkness, then after it passed everything just glowed in a strange orange-ish twilight... never saw anything like that before.


Yeah I'm over in Thornhill, we got an amazing lightning show but no wind at all. I'm gonna go to woodbridge later and check out what happened. I wonder if the plaza @ MartinGrove & Hwy7 is open.


Yeah, Vaughan is not Toronto. Tornadoes and shit are what you get for living north of Bloor.


I'm in pickering... the sky was yellow/orange for an extended period of time. Also I was sleeping during the storm and that fucker woke me up. Bullshit! I don't care if it's 7pm a man can sleep when he wants.