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Tornado F'd up My Workout

I was all set to go lift. Had my Power Drive downed, had my training log in hand and was just about to leave the house for Day 4 of CW’s Quatro Dynamo. It was raining a little and the clouds were gathered in the Southwest, but I thought for sure I could get my training in before it got too bad.

But as can happen at the drop of a hat up here in the Texas Panhandle - the weather changed. We don’t have local TV - only a satellite - so it came as a total shock when we heard our town’s “Tornado Whistle” go off. And right when I was about to go lift.

So we looked at the radar at wunderground .com - come to find out we are sitting right under a little ‘hook echo’. I think that’s weather-ese for bad shit is about to happen. And right when I was about to go lift.

As I type this a second round of Tornado Whistles are going off. I wonder if I’ll get top lift at all today.

Damn tornadoes


Pack up, and move my good man. There is life outside of West Texas you don’t have to stay there!

Discard the yellow rose belt buckle, take down the Texas State flag in your front yard, remove your gunrack from the window of your pickup, take the horns off the arch over the entrance to your drive-way, load up the horse-trailer and head west! New Mexico is just as desolate with HALF the risk of Tornado Alley!

Purely all in Jest, of course, hope everything is ok, sorry to hear about the workout woes…


Excuses, excuses.

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t like being sore.”

“I’m being shoved through a telephone pole by a tornado…”

Similarly, recently, I had a workout interrupted by a goddamn earthquake! Luckily I had just finished my set of military presses. Why would the Japanese decide to live on top of a fault line anyway? In the last 6 weeks, there have been over three hundred aftershocks as well. At some of the local gyms they have actually locked the barbells away because they are afraid an aftershock will hit while someone is in the middle of a set and get injured.

Didn’t ya’ll get a couple inches of snow up that way a few weeks ago?

I can’t remember when, exactly, but we did get a snow storm within the last 30 days or so.

Life in the panhandle.

Our electricity has been out for an hour and a half (just came back on) - so needless to say, getting to the gym would have been a fruitless effort.

I will say one thing however - you can get a hell of a workout using a couple of TV trays (the solid wood type) and a coffee table.

SO as far as staying on CW’s QD schedule - tonight was pretty much a bust. But the lesson learned tonight is that if you REALLY want to train, you will.


Just throw on an X Vest… You’ll be fine!!!

you should try some renegade training stability ball shit during an earthquake…

thats some proprioreception for your ass.