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Torn Up Palms


I had a little mishap this weekend; I was doing some fat bar work this weekend, axle deadlift adn farmers. They were 2" handles, too thick to wrap my hands around, so instead I cupped the handles, wrapping my four fingers and thumb underneath and back around. One event tore a chunk of skin off the center of one palm, the next tore a callus off my left palm. If youve ever had it happen, Im sure you know what I'm talking about.

Heres my question: what do I do til these things heal? I'm not even going to pretend that Im tough enough to suck it up with these things. Right now I'd liek to get a pair of eagle claws from IronMind and do all the pulls I can, deadlifts, pullups shrugs, obliques, face pulls, bentover rows. Any other ideas? Second question, besides neosporin, any thing else I can do to get these suckers healed up quickly?


I remember that back in the day when this used to be a problem for me(6-7 years ago,) our trainer used to put something called tuffskin(sp?) over the blister and wrap some tape over the top of that. It was like padded synthetic skin that really helped with blisters til they healed.


Bandaid makes a liquid bandage also. It sort of reminds me of super glue. It should create a bit of a seal over the open wound. Good luck!


Krazy glue then tape over that. I'm not going to lie to you, the Krazy glue will hurt...a lot...but it'll get the job done.


your question to what to do now has been answered, so heres how to prevent them. When your hand heals, it will be calloused in the same areas. You have to file these callouses down so that they dont stick up from the rest of your skin. I learned this when I started rock climbing.


I wouldn't recommend using the Krazy glue, unless you wanna risk it getting into your blood stream. There are better alternatives to use. The liquid bandage was already mentioned, as well as the tuffskin. If you do use the tuffskin, I'd avoid spraying it directly into the open wound. What I've done is spray a q-tip with the tuffskin and wipe the area around the wound and then apply the bandage, wrap, tape, etc.

You may also want to look into a product i believe is called NewSkin. It is like a thin layer of material that resembles skin so that it covers and cushions the area.

Lately at my Athletic Training internship, with all the new incoming freshman football players, we've had a lot of torn up hands due to them not being accustomed to the workouts. So we've just been keeping the area clean, putting some telfa pads or gauze over the area, then wrap it with PowerFlex and one strip of athletic tape. Seems to work really well with them.

Hope this helps.


"Liquid bandage" IS Krazy Glue. Cyanoacrylate was widely used for quick stabilisation of field trauma during the Vietnam War.



That was a heck of a rip too, all nice and bloody. I was a competitive gymnast several years ago so I've had a ton of those. After a couple days it should be fine to lift with. It will hurt a little bit but it should be ok. Make sure to stretch your fingers out so the skin doesn't heal back tight. It may hurt some and take a bit longer to completely heal if you stretch it, but it works.

Get some NuSkin or liquid bandages to put over it if you need to lift before it heals enough. Or athletic tape. I think there's a thread called "What Eric Cressey won't show you" and it has some info on what to do.

Good job at the comp, BTW.


You don't have to worry about Krazy/Super Glue in your blood stream. They were initially designed for use on wounded soldiers.



Yeah, but how long ago? Should we also give him a lead bullet to bite when he pulls the skin off?


I have this problem alot, climbing outside on extremely rough granite. If you can find some metolius climbing tape, that works really well on rips and such. You could also put some on before you lift if you wanted. I'd bet you could get a roll for a few bucks at REI.


Super glue works well, but I wouldn't advise filing the callouses down when they come back. It may be good for Rock Climbing, but you need them on the heavy events to prevent your entire palm from tearing up.

If you're training heavy events, tearing callouses is kind of one of those facts of life you have to get used to, like bruising your forearms on the stones. I've never been to a show/contest where someone didn't tear a few off, including myself.


Standard household krazy glue does not have the medically used cyanoacrylate. It is formulated from methyl-2-cyanoacrylate, which can cause skin irritation and skin burns. There is a separate medically used "krazy/super glue" that uses a 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate compound (which is in liquid bandage) that does not have the same skin irritations or burning effects. I'm not saying you can't use standard household crazy glue, but there are other safer methods.


thanks for all the advise guys. i bought skin shield at a cvs, we'll see how it works. these rips are healing fast as heck anyway, so im optimistic for deadlift day tomorrow


and what is rock climbing... Its putting all your weight on your hands and using them to move your body. If you have callouses that stick up, then they will get ripped off, leaving you with a partially attached callouse. That doesn't do you any good. Trust me, at first I thought it was weird too, but hey, I dont get bleeding hands when I do farmers walks or deadlift heavy now...


That tuffskin stuff works really well. The guys at my gym just trow a piece of ductape on it and keep pulling.

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