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Torn Teres Major

Hi everyone

This may be a moot point but has anyone any experience of training the back effectively with a torn teres major?

Prior to tearing it I was experiencing great gains in size and strength, using weighted chins, rows, deadlifts, cleans and snatches.
Given that rowing and deadlifting are out what if anything can I do? I really dont want to lose size or strenght but realise it is probably inevitable.

Range of movement is awful now, have to put my hand in pocket when bending over to stop my arm swinging forward, it hurts so much. Cant really open doors etc etc.

Have squatted and benched - went home angry when I injured it on Sunday but was back in the gym that night to see what movements i could do.

Bench ok - incline, decline, flat all with barbell.
Squat- back
Snatch - is out
Deadlift is out
Shrug I can manage
Hang clean is ok
Lateral raises and rear raises fine
Good mornings fine

Cant even swim except legs only.
Ab movements involving hanging etc are out.

My goals before the injury were to lean up for the summer, whilst maintaining strength and power - size just came along with it.
Was heading in the right direction fast until the injury.
Any help would be appreciated.