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torn/strained trap muscle

Two months ago I was opening something stuck and I felt my left trap get really “pulled”…kind of like a sprained ankle. I kept lifting on it for a couple weeks; benching wasn’t so bad, but anything where I had to stabalize my shoulder hurt bad.

After that I decided to rest it for a month or so. Slowly it felt better so I could roll over on it at night without it hurting. But there’s still a twinge of pain when I have to contract it hard.

I just lifted for the first time in a month and I can tell it isn’t better. It’s kind of a stabbing pain in some positions, kind of just sore and “strained” in others.]

So what do I do? I don’t have health insurance this year (trying to save some money). I thought the doc would just tell me to lay off of it, so that’s what I did. But it still hurts, does this mean surgery will be required eventually? I’m kind of worried, first injury I’ve ever really had.