Torn Shoulder: help please

Hey Everybody,
I just got back from the doctor and the MRI confirmed my suspicion: I tore my right shoulder. On Monday night my friends and I were jumping on a trampolene and someone got double bounced into me and I went flying off the tramp and hit the ground hard with my shoulder. It wasn’t the muscle that was torn but the labrum, which is a ligament under the head of the humorus. This isn’t a woe is me post but I was just wondering if any of you could contribute to my somewhat small list of physical activities that I can do. My arm is in a sling which immobilizes the shoulder so I cannot do most of what I love to do any more for at least a month. I want to avoid surgery at all cost, so I am going to be as smart about this as possible. I don’t have access to anything other than some free weights and some thera bands. I remember reading here that if you excersize the other side of the body, then atrophy of the injured part is reduced, is this true? The list of activities that I have come up with is : running (distance), jumping (like jump rope, just without the rope), hindu squats (without raising right arm), one legged squats, one arm pushup(would have to be on knees for this right now), back bridge (not sure how I am going to be able to get into the position with out some help), calf raises, ab work of all sorts, one arm db presses and rows, and one arm wall ball(lacrosse). If anyone can help out with some more excersizes and or help me put together some kind of program with what I have got, I would be so grateful. And I was also wondering if there were any supplements that I could take that may aid in the healing process? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a senior in high school and I am looking to play lacrosse in college, so my shoulder is very important to me. Thank You.
Chris Reynolds


alright, i don’t know how much i can help, but the list you came out with does NOT seem very feasible for now. all that you included (running, jumping, etc) puts a lot of pressure on your shoulder…at least you’ll notice when you start. it’s like when i fucked up my chest, i thought i can still curl the weight until i tried and noticed that my chest does more than the ‘nothing’ i thought it would do. so while bouncing up and down, you’ll most definately hurt your shoulder. besides that, i wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what to do. hack squats if someone attaches the weights on you and the belt (just don’t screw up), left side of body (like curls, etc), leg raises, crunches, calf raises, just some stuff to TRY to help you out bro. hope you feel better soon.

I don’t know about exercises, but I have dislocated both of my shoulders, and had surgery on one, and prolotherapy on the other. Your shoulder will remain weak because of the torn ligament. Find a doctor who specializes in prolotherapy, because this is the only way that I know to regrow ligaments and to cure your injury without surgery. Skip the rest, go for prolo, it hurts and it’s expensive but your body is the best investment you could ever make.