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Torn Rotator, Labrium, Tendons and More

About 6 weeks ago i underwent shoulder surgery. Torn rotator cuff, torn labrium, torn bicep tendon, torn superspinadious tendon, ground off 2 bone spurs the size of “nabraska” according to the surgen, and removed some authritus. I have not been able to do much sense.
I have full range of motion now and am looking to do more then just the rotator cuff exercises at rehab. and ideas? I have not even been in the gym.(big mistake) Im looking for at least a good lower body day, and or an upper body day. I know i cant go heavy. I have done some DB presses using 5lbs and 10 lbs and I can do them but theres not much there. I am worried about over doing it. it was a horrible surjuryi dont want to repeat. Please help.
im looking for program suggestions, like exercises, temp, setds reps. the whole nine yards.
im thinking legs days i can do just sbout the same as usual ill just have to use the sguat machines since i cant hold the bar well. holding any type os weight is out for lunges or deadlifts. im used to power lifting. i tend to follow thibs closely. thanks.

Following my shoulder surgery I was restricted from any upper-body exercise for twenty weeks. Lower-body work was difficult because you can’t ‘brace’ yourself in the station. At about week twelve I could start using the hack-squat machine and began to get some load back on the body. I don’t know what your Doctor has advised, but I would follow their recommendation! I was 46 when I had my surgery.

I had a pretty nasty surgery about six months ago and I’m just now to the point where I can do what I want with my workouts (with some limitations). I would say focus more on getting your range of motion back and then worry about strength.

you need to recover from that major sugery… i had the same thing done to me.

you dont mention physical therapy, are you doing it? did the doctor prescribe it?

it took me a long time to recover, but you need to lay off the weights and do range of movements with your

shoulder as suggested by DR. and PT this will help alot but if you feel they dont know what they’re talking

about, get a second opinion.

I’m 12 weeks from surgery for a torn bicep (had anchored into my arm), also had some cleanup on the labrum.

I just got the ok to load the bicep and bench the bar. Low weights, high reps to rebuild the strength . I still have 4 weeks of PT left before they completely release me. Dr said in another 2-3 months I would back to normal.

Lower body, I have 10# ankle weight that I put over my weight belt and lunged up and my driveway. Found a safety squat bar and did box squats, again felt odd on the repaired shoulder mainly because it sat on the new incision scar, but went up in weight gradually.

How about pulling sled with belt around waist?