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Torn Rotator and Labrum

I had surgery for a torn rotator and labrum a few years back and I seem to have re injured it again pretty good this time. I’m guessing it’s my labrum because of the catching and painful snapping.

Anyway has anyone here ever had a more moderate to severe tear of the the labrum or rotator and never opted for surgery and eventually healed up enough to workout normally again or close to it?

I’m really dreading another surgery.

Get the MRI first… you cannot diagnose the injury without it… Even a surgeon can only speculate based on physical tests with a potential for false positives without having an MRI. The shoulder joint is very complicated. Catching could just be a severly inflammed supraspintus with some fraying and impinging on the acromiom process.

It could be a labral tear, it could be a subluxation of the humeral head due to a muscular imbalance… I could go on and on… I realize you had surgery… It may just be a small tear that doesn’t need to be operated but needs to be rehabbed and the shoulder is guarding right now so it feels terrible. Go get an MRI

Ok thanks, yeah that’s what I was thinking too.