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Torn Retina


if anyone has went through something similar please tell me of you experiences.

just went back to work, on limited duty, after being out on sick leave for almost 3 mths. recovering from emergency retina detachment surgery in my rt eye. the doc told me when I get back to the gym not to push it. I also have a thinning in my left eye that might let go or it might stay fine.

it changed the rx in the eye. I can see but things still look a little like a funhouse mirror. I'm probably going to have to get cataract surgery within a year because of what they did to my eye. if it doesn't heal right I might lose my job or be moved to the position that I'm currently working at. it would be @ $5/hr less than I make now.

I loved to lift heavy. before the surgery I was dead lifting 505, squatting 465, and benching 365 for reps. not bad for 56 but nothing special. the doc told me I should not go over 315. I'm not sure if that's a number that he came up with or I said and he agreed.

I'm planning on heading back to the gym in Nov. mostly start on cardio, kettle bell, and ab work. I know that I can't do things like handstand pushups. not sure about decline bench or other ex's that are head down. I'm also wondering if dips and pull ups would be ok. got to figure out a whole new program and any suggestions would be welcome.

thank you


Im sorry to hear about your recent injury buddy.

Do you have a highly myopic prescription??
Did the Dr. suggest any prophylactic treatment for the other eye?? I know that in some cases they can laser "weld" your retina to the back of the eye, to reduce the risk of a detachment occurring.

I think it would be worth seeking a second opinion regarding your lifting. There is a chance that your current Dr has exaggerated the risk factor of lifting. But Dr's tend to do that, and hence why I think a second opinion would not hurt.

In the meantime I could suggest maybe changing your training up a bit, and concentrate on more reps with things like pull-ups etc. Pull-ups and dips should be fine. Avoid bungee jumping.

Good luck.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Just your friendly neighborhood bird.



appreciate it. I contacted the PT dept. at MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) to see if they had any suggestions but this is a new one on them. Once I get a list of the things I can't do from my surgeon they want to get with me and work on a program. if things go well I'll post updates and what exercises I can do.


Sure buddy.

Ill ask around and see what else I can find out for you.



Yes I went though the same emergency retina detachment surgery in my right eye also. It happen like 7 years ago. I had to get cataract surgery later due to them putting a air bubble in the eye to place pressure to hold it in place. Also they sew a band around the eye to lock it in place. Later I got lasered in both eyes to weld the retina so it would not tear again.

I have developed double vision because of the detachment and now require to wear prism lens for correction. I wore glasses before the detachment.
I was off work for 9 weeks. My prescription has changed a lot. My vision out my right eye is smaller (objects look smaller) and not as sharp and a bit wavy.

Two years ago I had a vitreous detachment in the left eye. It has healed but left a trail of floaters in my vision. It floats back and forth across my vision and causes blurryness every now and then.
I was back training after 10 weeks and no problems. I don't lift heavy weights as I'm not big. I try not to have my head below my hips with any excercises.


I am near sighted and have a thinning in my lft eye which is lattice degeneration of peripheral retina.

surgery was vitrectomy and scleral buckle. had the gas bubble so I got to wear the green armband. will probably have to get the cataract surgery within a year.

have the same issue of objects looking smaller and the funhouse mirror effect. change of rx on rt eye. also more light sensitive as pupil is currently always open more than lft one. no issue of double vision. going back to the doc in April to see how well it's coming along.

getting ready to learn to shoot lft handed. going to wait on getting a lft hd recurve until I know more.

I was told no handstand push ups and no heavy lifting but that was all. I'm hoping to get that detailed list soon so I can get things rolling.


You're probably better off bumping your old thread:

Derek and EyeDentist are medical professionals who were giving you some solid advice.

Best of luck with it anyhow.


decided to move over here as it fits better and I appreciated the advice. going to try to do this rt and I've got some specific questions and I'm not sure if Derek and EyeDentist want to be tied up answering them.