Torn Rectus Abdominis

hey everybody.

for about 2 weeks i felt a pain in my lower rectus abdominis. at first it felt like extensive soreness, which i didn’t care too much about since i had to take seven days off from the gym due to flue-like infect. at the beginning it just occured during certain abb-excercises but it got worse and worse over time and i could start feeling the pain during overhead pressing, squats etc. as well.

i finally went to my doctor who found out what it was and told me that i could keep on playing sports/work out as long as the things don’t cause any pain. in addition i will meet up with the physicist two times a wekk for the next 4-6 week.

is there any recommendation excersisewise what and how to train and how to even support the healing process?

thank you.


Okay, after two off-days I went back to the gym again and this what i do now.
Basically I had to switch to machine-based routines because everything that forces me to stabilize my body with
the core is not an option due to massive pain all over the lower part of my stomach.

I cannot overhead press, squat, deadlift, bench, even skull crushers pull ups and dips are out of question.
Also I cannot swim or sprint as both heavily includes the core, which equals pain. Kick Boxing is not an option these days,
as the fast movements and the leg raises don’t feel to good.

Instead I do front presses, butterfly-machine, upright rows, lat raises, chest supported rows, pull downs, leg press (but the horizontal ones
as these don’t stress the core and lying leg curls.

I actually feel like dick to use all these machines, that I haven’t been using for 6 or 7 years, I assume that doing so causes greater shame then
free weights cause pain, but …